Roon Rock with multiple internal drives

Yup, hence my advice: running Fedora, disable SELinux (blocks Roon Server from starting) and firewalld.

If desired, reactivate and config later.


Sorry I did not reply, Roon determined that as a n00b I had had quite enough fun on the forum for one day.

So basically I installed Ubuntu, and on this version of linux it shows up immediately. Therefore my advice to anyone else doing this is use ubuntu.

However Ubuntu and CIFS/SMB was an total mare, I fought with it valiently for 2 hours trying to contact it via this protocal with no luck, mac would just say the share no longer available and windows would bum out too, back in the F’ing terminal, back in sudo nano, back to wishing I had stuck with Volumio.

However it then occurred to me that my primary server is OpenMediaVault which is linux too, so I poked around a bit and sure enough the basic ‘simple install’ instructions for linux work here just fine, I had to ssh in to perform the tasks but it was flawless so in no time at all roon server is now running on existing equipment with 6TB of music already available.

Listened last night, sounds good. No different to Volumio to be fair but I like the interface.

Just one thing when my chosen tracks are finished, is there not a way to stop it carry on playing music it picks for me, probably being dim but could not find it.

That’s Roon Radio kicking in – it’s on by default in newly defined zones.

You can turn it of in the Queue screen (tap on the musical staff icon in the black playbar at the bottom of your screen – or on the track title if music is playing):

You should be able to toggle the radio function on and off on a full sized control display.

Seriously Rene… your iPad is called Gaylord?? :joy:

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Guilty as charged. :slight_smile: