Roon rocks, it really does

I have lately come across more and more posts / threads complaining about endless ills supposedly afflicting Roon, with lots of customers / contributors claiming to know what Roon should or should not do in order to finally become THE ultimate music player. Almost would let people believe that the Roon guys have no clue about how their own business should be run / developed to ensure future success (=customer satisfaction).
I totally disagree with these threats which in my view too often reflect the frustration of single individuals or small minorities.
I purchased Roon a bit more than 6 months ago and I have been truly amazed by the massive effort the Roon staff have put into relentlessly improving their product. Frankly, what other software company would push so hard to get so many upgrades within less than a year and manage, without losing sight of their ultimate goal, to get the overwhelming majority of their customers being so happy with their product ?
Roon rocks, and this is an understatement. Technically it allows customers from classical music fans to heavy metal lovers to audiophilia nervosa patients to achieve almost all their wishes / requirements. Whether you have / like Macs, PCs, NAS, Wifi, Cat7 shielded ethernet cables, a USD 50,000 pair of loudspeakers or an iPhone on which you like to listen to Justin Bieber, Roon offers an unparalleled and beautiful piece of software that does almost everything. Of course it could do more, improve on many fronts, but the guys at Roon have a vision and, despite listening to some sensible suggestions, they stick to it and avoid going down the path of “one software does it all” which would mean doing everything but not with the quality and uniqueness we all enjoy with Roon.
Will probably be accused of being naive but this message is a display of respect to the Roon staff, primarily to tell them “lots of people in this forum seem to think you fail to modify your software according to their pet interests”, but “a lot more people like me think please, keep doing what you’re currently doing so well”.


Well said could not have put it better myself.:clap:

Very nice post - I’m sure it’s great for the Roon team to hear this, and while many of us probably think it much of the time - even if we’re asking for things - we probably don’t say it as much as we should (it would perhaps be a bit weird if every feature request or suggestion or support post was prefaced with sentiments of love and thanks ;)).

What I would add is the fact that so many people want to share so much feedback with Roon is a huge positive, and really says something about the product and the team behind it. Depending on needs, Roon in its current stage of evolution probably offers some the perfect solution, and for others offers a preview of a perfect solution, but one which they have to regrettably dip out of for a number of reasons - perhaps it doesn’t quite fit their workflow. Sometimes the passion is really strong as people really want Roon to do everything and right now! If it wasn’t good, they’d probably just move on - but as so many here know - once you’ve gone Roon you don’t want to go back! So we ask, beg, plead for it to do those things, and of course we cry sometimes when we find out there’s a long or uncertain wait. But it’s only when people are really passionate about something, and really connect with something, that they feel compelled to help drive it towards ‘perfection’.

Beyond our requests, its of course up to Roon to steer the ship, and they can take as much or as little as they like onboard, but many community suggestions have helped make a better product IMO.

Ultimately its better for all of us - Roon included - if the Roon ecosystem remains the best available and also meets the needs of the vast majority of music lovers out there, all of which will hopefully subscribe forever or buy lifetime licenses. That’s what I like about Roon more than just the product itself - the way they engage with their users - and hopefully your post serves as a good reminder that we could all probably ask a little more nicely at times…


Excellent post, well phrased and I’m in wholehearted agreement.

As a Pharmacist I often tell patients not to look the drug up on the internet as no-one posts I took Roonicillin and it worked and I got no side -effects :wink:


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Thank you for the kind words and we are glad most of you like “our vision”… we promise it will continue to get better!

As for the naysayers, and everyone else with an opinion, we don’t mind the feedback as long as everyone stays civil! We have thick skins, so keep the criticism coming :slight_smile:

We have seen quite a bit of good feedback posted here, and our product roadmap has been directly impacted multiple times based on that feedback. Collectively, there is an enormous amount of experience and knowledge inside the heads of Roon members, and we’re happy to be able to tap it.

That said, we do have a direction, and we will continue to head towards that ever moving goal post. As evidenced by our recent job posting, we are also growing the team to allow us to move faster.

2 weeks ago, we passed our 1 year anniversary since launch, and it’s been a great ride so far! Thanks everyone!


It will be a year this Memorial Day weekend and I have not looked back. Thank you Roon.

I totally agree with these sentiments. Fantastic concept, well developed by a business that cares

I agree 100% with this sentiment. Kudos to all members of the Roon Team!

Where can you see the CTO of any small software company engaging with customers in the online forums? The frequent requests for user input/feedback and the explanations/rationalization of design choices are extremely welcome and allow customers to have input into the product roadmap first-hand…very nice. Yes, some people are going to complain that there pet feature request was rejected but for this I complement the Roon team. If they were to implement every minor request they would end being like JRiver - technically very good but a royal PITA to use particularly for the rest of the family. The beauty of Roon is that it is simple i.e. very few knobs and intuitive…have you ever actually read the manual?

Well done to the Roon team!



I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of this thread. After living with Roon beta since it was launched over 12 months ago I couldn’t ask for more. Every upgrade has exceeded my expectations. I have no desire to tell the Roon team what they should do - they are doing everything right. I have complete confidence I will get what I want as soon as it is feasible without saying a word. The HQplayer integration is fantastic, there is no better way to stream Tidal, and the hardware integration with RAAT is seamless and ensures Roon will continue to evolve and prosper in the future. What more could you ask for?


I downloaded Roon on a whim on Saturday with (honestly) every intention to try it and get my money back.

It’s now Monday (September 19), and I can’t imagine living without it.


You are not alone. :relaxed:

Roon! Roon! Roon! Roon! Roon! You guys should get an Audio Noble Prize. Your software is beyond unbelievable. Thank you, thank you. Did I mention Thank you!


@Sloop_John_B - that is SO true. I had my gallbladder out last year, and made the mistake of reading up people’s stories on the web. You’d have thought that it was a horrible procedure that destroyed lives. Geeze - I was able to walk a mile the day after the procedure and could have been back at work 3 days later.

The internet tends to do that to people.

I for one LOVE Roon, have a lifetime sub, and I’m a cheap German-American! I absolutely LOVE Roon, and I know how difficult it is to do what Roon does so well. I’ve been in IT for decades, and I’m pretty good at it. And trust me, I wouldn’t know how to do what the team at Roon pulled off.

Roon is a joy. It brings my family happiness.

Beats spending $$$ on something like a watch when you can get something to improve the quality of your life.

Thank you ROON!


After initial scepticism (in built British conditioning) I am daily growing to love Roon more and more. On the surface it’s simple and intuitive but as with the best software you find yourself discovering new jems frequently as you listen and browse.

Will be converting my (very generous) darko won trial to a subscription without fail.

I also think this forum is top stuff and it’s great that one can raise constructive criticism without fear of patronisation.

A credit to this company and the Roon community!

Pat backs everyone.


Im a bluesound user, that has waited for Roon support sometime, and today i updated my device and made an account at this site, and after 4 hours, i can just say that i love it! its the missing link i have been looking for. Roon has a bright future!


I wanted to ad my Kudos. I have had Roon for 4 months. I migrated from Sonos (where I had hit their database limit) and I am so glad I did. Before that, I had been an early adopter of the Olive server (before Olive one). I listen to a variety of music, but heavy on the classical. In previous systems, when my wife asked “Can we hear the Brahms clarinet quartet?” it would take me quite a while to find it. Now I am there in seconds. I appreciate the organization, the art, and the background info I sometimes find on classical albums I am shocked rose to someone’s attention. I am still learning about Roon, but I am enjoying the heck out of the journey. And now it looks like that dinky Sonos speaker that has been gathering duts may come back to life with 1.3. The ongoing support and improvements are very impressive. I have to tell you that it is immediately obvious that this is a team that listens carefully to its customers. It is amazing how many companies do not take advantage of all that free consulting. At Roon they seem to do so in spades. I am so glad I got a lifetime subscription. Keep up the good work!

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Have been using Roon for over a year now and this is my reference playback system at home and on the go with my Surface Pro 4+ iBasso DX-80 DAP/USB-DAC.

Recently I added Holo Spring R2R DAC and together Roon 1.3 DSP up sampling features, both works like magic! I re-discover my music collections especially those 44.1k in Tidal/NAS up sampled to DSD! The flexibility of Roon is virtually endless and it keeps getting better.

Anyone thinking of getting a excellent playback software, think no further, choose Roon!!! :grinning:

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Roon’s changed my life. No sh*t. It’s that good.

Thanks, Roon.


+1… made me survive scandinavian winter darkness.


I agree, this player is one of the greatest upgrades to my system.
Exploring new content is extremely satisfying and the UI is stunning.

I only got this a couple of days ago after upgrading to a Lynx AES16e sound card, and I wish I’d known about it sooner.