Roon & Room correction

Hi all,

I’m used to do room correction with my current solution under Tinysqueeze. However I’m currently installing Rock on a NUC and I’m wondering where to put convolution files in that situation. Some friends use correction by the mean of HQ Player or Roon “player” (is it Roon Remote?).

Should I need another PC running Roon Remote on which I will put the convolution files?
Should I not install Rock but instead have a Windows PC with all Roon apps installed on it?

I’m a bit confused, could you please help me?

Hi Sylvain,

I’m a French user of Roon and we know each other via some French HIFI forum :wink:

I don’t use Roon server with a ROCK installation but I’m using it on a minimal installation of Fedora 24.
Concerning your problem it’s the same thing.

You must use another computer running Roon Remote under Windows or Mac OS to put your convolution files as described here:

Note that this procedure is not possible at this time from Roon Remote Androïd or Apple application, only Windows or mac computer.

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Hi Sylvain74,

All Roon Control devices configure the Core. One of the exceptions, however, to Roon’s aim of a common interface is the lack of a file browsing capability on iOS devices (not sure about Android). The simplest way to point Roon to a convolution file is to use a Control (Remote) with file browsing capability, such as Windows or Mac.

When you have a file browsing capable Control, go to the DSP Engine for the relevant Zone (long press or right click on the Zone icon to access it). In the Convolution tool you will see the following:

On a browsing capable Control (I’m using an iPad, which isn’t capable) the Browse button will open a browser to locate and load a filter in the supported file formats.

In HQP you use the Matrix/Convolution setup to load a wav file. You can specify a different file for each channel, or the same file twice for stereo.

Once Roon or HQP are pointed to a filter file they upload it and the computer on which it was initially stored need no longer be available for them to use the file.

Hi Dom & Andy,

Thank you both for your answers which make things a bit more clear for me.
Just to wrap up:
Rock is installed on my NUC
Roon Remote is installed on a Windows PC or Mac allowing me to browse/select and upload convolution files.
This PC can be then turned off and I can use another device such as an iPad (with Roon remote) to play ma music
Am I on the right track?

PS: @Dom, as you see it’s not yet really cristal clear for me…

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Yes exactly,
when you your convolution files are placed in convolution engine via your Windows or Mac computer, you can stop it and you just have to use your device such as Androïd tablet or iPad with Roon Remote app installed on it to remote Roon Server and play your favourite music ;))

Finally Roon Remote on the Windows PC is just used to push the convolution files to Rock

Yes, that’s right.

Great!! Thank you guys.
Just need to finally install Rock but I have some issues

I’ve read that on the Roon community and and our favourite french hifi forum but I don’t have the answer for your ROCK installation problem on your NUC, unfortunately.

The expectation is that iOS 11 will provide a file system and browser.
Coming to your device very soon.

One other point: say you have done all that, and then want to use that convolution file again, maybe because you temporarily turned it off, or maybe because you have two Roon zones for the same speakers (I can drive my Meridian with both network and USB, for example). You don’t have to use a Windows remote and download the convolution file again; once installed, you can preserve that convolution as a Roon DSP preset and recall it when you want.