ROON + ROPIEEE + RPi4 + SMSL M500 and Pure 5N silver 4 core USB cable

I just got a 12 ‘’ pure silver USB cable and something strange is happening to me. I use a ROON + ROPIEEE + RPi4 + SMSL M500 configuration and I have continuous loss of signal problems between the RPi4 and the DAC with this cable. With another cable (the one supplied with the SMSL or another standard, the configuration works correctly)
And, to test the pure silver cable if I connect it directly from a laptop to the SMSL DAC everything works fine. Both the SMSL M500 and the RPi are connected by both USB3.0. Have any body know something about a problem of this type? I´m tested all the posilities in Roon (buffer, etc…) and the problem persist.
Thanks in advance

Looks like you found your problem, an audiophile USB cable with very specific sound signature. Sorry, couldn‘t resist. Glad you isolated the cause.

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Thanks for your help, it has been very useful …
The cable is an “audiophile” cable for € 40