Roon run in Windows 11 with dual screen will no response

Roon Core Machine

RAM:16GB X2 4800Mhz

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet to motherboard.

Connected Audio Devices

USB Audio

Number of Tracks in Library

707 tracks

Description of Issue

I just updated to Windows 11 yesterday and installed roon after that.
I made the roon startup in my second screen as I usually do in Windows 10.

Today I try to open the Roon, it just go no response…
I try to re-install it then it work again… Until I log in then it jump back to my second screen, then it become no response.

After I plug off my second screen and open it at first screen it just work again, plug on my second screen it just become to no response, I guess it maybe kind of bug with your software in Windows 11 with dual screen that can only work in first screen.

Multiscreen and multiuser have always been seen very critically here in the forum. However, not everyone uses a dedicated device. The first monitor has probably always been the best choice (by chance?). Why add more problems unnecessarily. Then rather use the old decommissioned PC as core without screen and do nothing else there.

Oh really?? I am freshman here, it never be a problem while I using Windows 10 so I try to ask for some help here. I got two screen because of work.
Maybe if I can buy a Nucleus or Auralic machine for stream then I will make another device as a core and now I have a pro USB Interface for connect with my decoder.

You have 707 pieces of music so far, what is the appeal of starting with Roon or Nucleus already? I was led to love Roon by my large collection and later I found this:

Nucleus is one of the way to keep the music to me, but if I really want it, I guess still need several year or maybe never buy it.

I remember that I download a Roon crack version at 7 o’clock(the crack version can’t connect with Roon’s service and Tidal and Qobuz and so on), even though I got 10 track in that moment but I just can’t stop myself from it, when 7:15, just 15 minutes then I decide to make a free trail and choice for a year subscribe.
The feeling it give me to(While I see my own music like a collection), the original folder on my PC is really very messy and disarray, but Roon could made them together and clean. I can play them from any device and I just need turn on my PC.
I will buy the lifetime subscribe next year, and I am just “building” my own sound system with only a month, China have too many way to download music in free, and I love to buy the music from world. that’s one point I will need Roon to arrange all my music.

I guess like there won’t be any software do anything like this and do so well in next year or even future.

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If you enable the HDR in your main screen, try disable it.
And then try again,it may solve the problem