Roon running through OPPO 205 - No optical input (from TV)


I have gotten my ROON working through the Oppo-205 and I love the sound - problem is that when I exit the ROON or stop it. The optical input (from my television) no longer produces any sound.

Can you help with this?

By the way - thank you for all the support and assistance over the last couple of days helping me to get up and running.


Hi George, I have the same issue, i also use optical in from tv to oppo to benefit from the dac inside the oppo. Restarting the oppo helps, but is not elegant. It seems like the roon app on the oppo somehow locks other inputs and doesn’t release them when playing through roon stops. Maybe the oppo implementation of roon needs some more work? Have you contacted oppo support?

Hi Paul,

Yes - they suggested turning the player off and on. That works sometimes. I also found that cycling through the inputs sometimes helps. Seems like they need to fix this in their software. I will keep working with their support to see how far they will go. Might help if you also log it as a problem with them.



Here is the latest from OPPO support:


This is the first form of feedback we have received about this issue so we will need to have the engineers look into replicating this issue and resolving it through future firmware if at all possible.

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Menlo Park, CA
Tel: 650-961-1118
Fax: 650-961-1119

I hope they can get this sorted out.

Hi, did this get resolved?

I’m thinking of replicating your setup but don’t want to power cycle as the only solution.

Cycling through the inputs seems to have solved it , but it may have been fixed with an updated firmware as I no longer have the problem. But I also no longer use HDMI ARC.