Roon running wild (80% of CPU time)

This is the second time it happened since Roon 1.6 upgrade. On my MacPro which is just a Roon remote, Roon app is occuping nearly 80% of CPU time and the fan’s running wild. I turn off Roon and restart, things are back to normal. While it was running wild, I was not even playing music. It was silent and Roon was not apparently scanning anything.

How do I diagnose what’s going on?

MacPro on OSX Mojave 10.14.3
Roon 1.6 Build 401
Roon core is a separate Intel NUC ROCK
MacPro is accessing the core through home subnet.
DAC is driven by UltraRendu, also connected through the same subnet.

Hi @hgim82,

There are lots of things Roon can be doing in the background during idle, like retrieving updated metadata for all your albums.

Just keep in mind that the Roon Core is designed to be reasonably “heavy” so I wouldn’t get too hung up about resource usage, unless it’s causing other issues.

Are you experiencing any other symptoms? Dropouts? Slow performance in Roon? Resource problems with other apps? It’s ok if you’re just wondering about the numbers, but it’s good to know if other issues are occurring.

As I said above, the problem was my remote, a MacPro (late 2013) completely dedicated to run Roon app only and hardly anything else. It has nothing to do with my other dedicated ROCK core doing the usual library management work. Also my ROCK core is NUC 7i5BNH, which should be more than sufficient to do the task.

Overall, while I am enjoying the many new features with 1.6, I am not too happy about the slower performance in general. A quick search often takes about 5-10 seconds to show the answer, and quite often many functions get hung up. I wonder - when it happens, is it the core or the remote being slow?

Hi @hgim82,

The next time this behavior occurs can you try using another remote device and let me know if there is any difference in performance?

Please also note the time the next time you notice this happens and respond here with that timestamp. I’ll enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a closer look.

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