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Roon says that it has backed up to a local shared directory on my QNAP. However I look in the directory and no files or folders have been updated for months.

How do I get backups to work?

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Have you checked further down the folders. According to screen shot it successfully bu last night

That said triggered at 10pm finishing at 02:48 seems very long . I would expect max 20 mins. Was Roon running music maybe

Best bet is run a manual bu and see what that gives when you can watch progress

Do not play when backing up. It will fail

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What happens if you go to Find backups? Is the latest backup listed?

Disclaimer - not Qnap but Win10 here:
Roon simply stops playback instead of falling when snapshotting database during scheduled or manual backup.

There is a disconnect between the Find backups listing and the folder contents. The folder shows 4 subdirectories, which I assume are the Roon backups. “Find backups” shows 2 subdirectories. 1 is one of the 4 listed above. The other is a directory which isn’t in the QNAP Roon Backups folder. Tried doing a search for the folder and it wasn’t found. The other 3 folders in the directory aren’t shown.

I then went and renamed all of the shared backup folders to different names. Removed the automatic backup location. Restarted Roon. Went to specify the automatic backup folder. It still shows “Roon Backup” as a folder with the 2 subfolders even though it doesn’t exist and it was removed from both QNAP and Roon.

The folder which I can’t find unfortunately has no date in Roon’s “Find Backup” so I don’t know what it is.

Find backup results below.

I think your best solution is to create a new empty folder for your backups and do a manual backup. If that works, schedule a backup and see how that goes.

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