Roon says software update is needed but software is up to date

@support could you please explain these screenshots?

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AFAIK, Roon doesn’t know what is causing this. It’s a recurring issue that doesn’t seem to cause any problems other than displaying the message. Restart the core and it goes away for a while.

It may come back again, but it’s good to reboot the core regularly anyway due to other stability issues that also seem to be remedied by software restarts (or the occasional reboot).

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Hi @NOA,

We’ve seen a small number of users seeing this error message. In what we’ve investigated so far it appears that there is something on the network or Core machine preventing a connection to the network.

So we can better understand the frequency in which you’re seeing this, can you try giving your Core machine a reboot? Is there any change after doing so?

Hi @dylan,

The first thing I have done after posting the topic has been rebooting the core, and so far so good, the message disappeared.

Will let you know might it pop up again.

Thanks for your reply and stay healthy these days!


Thanks James!

Stay healthy these days.


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