Roon says tracks unavailable

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

System Status

Serial #F44D306C331E

Operating System

Version 1.0 (build 183) stable

Version 1.7 (build 521) stable

99% of 227 GB available.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Over Ethernet - T-Plink switcher

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound Powernode 2i Ethernet

Description Of Issue
As per picture tyre below. Playlist was created in roon. Multiple tracks unavailable.

@support Any and all help.appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Chris_Y,

What is the region for your TIDAL account?

If you go to the album for any of these tracks do they show as available there? Using Good Together as an example, can you share a screenshot of that album page?

Hi @dylan
I’m in the UK mate. It’s says not available as per.pic below. If I search on Roon it’s there and on tidal.
I have also restarted Roon and Logged out of tidal and then logged back in both on the Android app and on the web player.

Also I did delete the album in Roon and added it back but nothing changed.

Hi @Chris_Y,

Since you can’t load the album, it appears that this was removed by TIDAL. Sometimes an album might be removed by TIDAL for licensing reasons. Another version of the album might become available at a later time, but if that version of the album is unavailable, Roon is unable to play it.

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Thanks @dylan. However, if Tidal take it down, would it not disappear from my liked tracks and playlists within Tidal?

Hi @Chris_Y,

It wouldn’t disappear from the playlists due to how those are generated. When you click on the album link from the playlist, it takes you to a non-existent album, which happens when the album isn’t accessible from TIDAL.

@dylan sorry, but I can access the tracks from Tidal and the tracks in the playlists in Tidal BUT when I go through Roon it says they’re unavailable. Also ONLY the playlist I created in Roon has tracks saying unavailable. Every other playlist I created in Tidal doesn’t have this problem, when accessing either through Roon or through Tidal. Hope that makes sense?

Hi @Chris_Y,

To clarify, an album might be available, become unavailable, and then a different version becomes available. So for example, you might have an album with an ID of “X”. If this album is removed, and then a new version of the album is added with an ID of “Y”, the version in the playlist still has the ID of “X”, which is now unavailable.

To verify that this is what you’re experiencing here, let’s take a closer look at one of these tracks. You say that you can listen to them in TIDAL directly — If you try to access one of these tracks in Roon from outside of the playlist (i.e. doing a search for this track) are you able to play it in Roon? Or is it just completely unavailable in Roon?

Hi @dylan Yes I can play it through Roon if I search. However, see exactly the same track in a different playlist created in Tidal, unlike the other one created in Roon and the track is still there available to play. The playlist created in Roon says unavailable. So why is Roon saying unavailable in one playlist and not the other?

Hi @Chris_Y,

It’s possible that the playlist coming from TIDAL directly is using a different version of the album that is available. The one created in Roon, on the other hand, uses the old version of the album that is no longer associated with an active album from TIDAL.

Hi Dylan,

You are giving a very technical answer for a problem that is totally unacceptable from a user perspective. Come’on you can do better.

I have thousands of songs and albums organised in roon playlists. Many of them (>100) are now unavailable. Also a whole album (Vibras, J Balvin) that is accessible, except 1 song that is not available on the album.

Exporting playlists to Excel to run through the soundiiz service is not working for me. The Excel export contains only 1 or 2 songs.

Please provide a real solution that is practical for the many Tidal users. Your help is much appreciated!

Kind regards,



Any update on this? I am also having the same problem

Same problem here - noticing this is lots of threads going back years - never a resolution - support appears to just stop responding - anyone figure this out yet?

It’s been figured out in the replies from @Dylan above.

What’s happening is that when a track is put in a Playlist, a pointer in the Roon database is made that points back to that particular track in the streaming service (Tidal and Qobuz).

The Labels (who are the ones supplying albums and tracks to the streaming services) have a habit of changing rights on individual tracks (sometimes in only particular regions in the world), or substituting new versions of releases of entire albums (while removing the old version), and these new versions have new product and track IDs.

In the first case (changing rights on a track), when that track comes to be played again in a Playlist, Roon will correctly say that that particular track is unavailable.

In the second case (substituting a new version of a release and removing the old), then Roon still holds the pointers to the old version in its database, so once again will say that the album is unavailable. In this case, searching again (using the Global search - the magnifying glass top right of the Roon screen) will find the new version of the album, and you can update Roon.

There might be an increase in this issue with the Tidal service at the moment because Tidal is rolling out many MQA versions of previously existing albums, and is apparently removing the old versions.

Thank you. I will try that work around.

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