Roon scans NAS and doesnt see all the files

Hi. So I have Roon on a Mac OS desk top, 10.15.3 I have my files on a Qnap NAS and a Sonore Ultra rendu streams the files. Every thing works great EXCEPT some time when i add new ripped CD’s using dbPoweramp to my local drive them upload to the NAS, Roon doesn’t see the files. So i use force re scan and I see more files on the music folder on the NAS than in the Roon scan. And the odd CD in particular is not seen by Roon in an album search. I rip about 20 Cds at a time and the files names don’t have any illegal characters or Qnap Nas wont up load them Then i upload one by one to the NAS. Then check that Roon can see them before I box up the CD to be given away.
I can’t find any where on the forums why Roon might not see the files. And now because there are about 6500 tracks scanned and 5500 tracks imported i wonder if early on when i wasn’t checking so carefully i uploaded files that aren’t being read. I see there are couple of duplicates in the NAS files but just a few.
Can Roon give me a list of scanned but not in included the Roon library. How do I get Roon to make sure it sees all the music files?
Does it have to do with file naming? Thanks very much in advance

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Hi Steve, you might want to take a read of this page if you haven’t already:’t_showing_up_in_Roon

Thanks Rugby, i had seen that. In skipped files there are just a handful and all with file naming issues. I’ve spot checked some of the 450 CD uploaded and so far so good. I’ve checked the files on the NAS and I don’t see any characters that would prevent Roon from seeing them but in the Qnap world I don’t know of a way to check how many tracks are there, its not in the properties of the folder. In the end it might be OK, and going forward i check each batch of 20 BUT when i use force re scan Roon still says it scans apx. 6500 files and i have only 5500 tracks imported . Now apx 450 of the files are jpegs of CD covers so perhaps that accounts for some, the others I’m not sure what that might be.
I sure wish Roon would support Idagio, the mood play list is amazing for lazy bones like me.

Further to my own post, Most of my issues were on classical Cd’s typically re mixes and complications Eg. CBS masterworks so and so plays this and that with someone else. Illegal characters in the file names. Now I visually every scan every file name in every folder. FYI Roon does wonderful work, so wonderful that it will occasionally swaps the cover art for what it thinks is more appropriate so at first glance with a big upload batch you can’t see the album because of different album art swapped by Roon… That’s all solved doing a dozen at a time and being aware of the which albums specifically to look for.
Roon meta data searching and the ability to change is amazing as classical compilations or any classical for that matter are tough to get right in a filling system. I still am not sure what makes the discrepancy between files scanned and tracks imported, so I’ll work on that and continue to check the files on my NAS and what be missing in Roon. I have to wonder about the more expensive streamers that have a CD readers built must and use their own software for organizing and naming files. I wonder if there are file naming issues and Roon importing issues when using those?