Roon scheduled backup not working on NUC

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NUC running ROCK Roon version 1.7 (build 667)

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Description Of Issue

My NUC is not carrying out scheduled back ups at present. I’m backing up to a USB stick plugged directly into the NUC. The drive is called Roon backup. I get the following error:

This is despite the fact that the USB drive is selectable when I try to edit the backup details:

Any thoughts appreciated.

I think it needs an empty folder. Your setting is pointing to the USB root, and this is not empty.
Try to change the setting, and then run a manual forced backup.

Thanks, David. I’ll give that a whirl.

Hi @dpstjp,

If you try to do a manual backup instead of a scheduled backup to this location does it work?

How much space is left on the drive?

Additionally, it “wants” to see a folder named “RoonBackups”. And, if you cycle power, it often deleted this directory, yet reports the backup was successful… a definite NUC bug.

Just deleting the drive and seeing if starting again works. I’ve only used this thumbdrive for Roon backups. It’s a 128GB drive, so should have plenty of space on it.

OK. so deleting the drive worked. Roon is now able to backup again.

It does so direct to the drive itself, so no need for an empty folder.

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