Roon screen on TV

I use roon with roon server on mac mini and control it by ipad. Near mac mini I have a tv and I should love to see the song image and lyrics on my tv.

Buy a ChromeCast problem solved.

Excuse me, but I have just a pc (mac mini) linked via hdmi with tv and need another thing like chromecast?
I seem it’s complicated

It was just an option to get it, but you could just use HDMI out of the mac to the TV and set Roon app to have the now playing screen up. Job done.

Howewer yours it’s a solution too.
I just have an apple tv.
Thank you

You can make it work by using Safari (or Chrome) on your Mini.

Check this kB article out.

Cheers, Greg

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Thank you very much

AppleTV - no, but requested of Roon.

Google Chromecast - yes, another device but very simple and elegant solution. I recommend it.

Apple Mini to TV, yes that works but sometimes having dual screen (if you also have a monitor) can mess with resolutions.

Let us know if you have it sorted out for yourself.