Roon scroll stutter on macbook M1 MAX Monterey

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro 2021 M1 Max
Mac OS Monterey

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Chord TT2

Number of Tracks in Library

2400 Tracks

Description of Issue

After run roon for a while, when scroll through the Library to select albums, it always stuttering and not smooth if compare with the older mac version, this lag is very slow and I had to restart roon everytime when it 's happening. Once restart it will be okay for a while like 5-10 mins then happen again. Please check and run test on the M1 PRO or MAX macbook.

I am not sure it could be promotion refresh rate on new mac book has something to play with this?

I have Issues with the M1Pro, that I think are memory leaks. After running Roon for some time it eats my free memory. At some point I just have to quit roon and restart. Quitting roon takes like 5 secs. Starting roon like a couple of ms… But this happens for me on a lot of programs. So it might not be roons fault.