Roon search bug

I found that the search gives me sometimes far less result than the Tidal search. For instance, when I type in the search “black widow” it brings me up Alice Cooper and there are no other Black Widow songs (ie Rita Ora) however if I do the same on Tidal I can get shed loads of result. Interestingly, if I type “black widow rita” it gives me the Rita Ora version along with many others that not having “rita” in their name.

Are you searching in Albums artists or Tracks. Also have you tried the Funnel search?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I just clicked on the magnifier icon typed ‘black widow’ and clicked on the Tidal track tab menu and I only can see around 18 songs related to ‘black widow’ but I have an endless result on Tidal with the same query with Rita Ora on the top.

I hope it helps.


Once it’s in your library it should be easy to find. I don’t know what to suggest further.

I don’t get it :-/ Does the search not meant to be searched in both Tidal and Local library? Anyway, if this is the case and it only searches from my library, then how can I see results out of my library? Sorry but it does not make sense to me but maybe it’s just me.

If you find an Album in Tidal and favourite it there, it will appear in Roon on the next sync which you can force.

So just to make sure I’m understanding correctly: if I can’t find something in Roon (with integrated Tidal) I have to go to the Tidal website search and add the album to my favourites and from that point, I can access it from Roon?

I tend to find what I want via Roon/Tidal but should that fail. Using the Tidal app is the next logical step.
I identify MQA albums in BluOS then fav them and they turn up in Roon. Go figure.