Roon search engine

I have used Roon a long time, and I like it very much. What I don´t like is Roon search engine. I miss a advance mode, where I can choose to search only artist, album, track etc.
Roon have problems when artist have same or nearly same names. When I want to find something I need to try many different approaches and use much time. Tidal works better.
Exsample: I want to find a song called “Heart shaped box” from the Iclandic artist Àsgeir. The artist Àsgeir in Roon is mixed with the Norwegian artist Asgeir (different A) from Norwegian children TV. I used some time to find this song, and I think Roon can do better than this. Roon have done magic with this software, and I belive search can be much better.
I miss automatic suggestions when I write a few letters, and now the spelling need to be surgical correct for Roon to understand. And when I need to find something - I do not always know the spelling:-(


Apologies for the necro-bump, but I didn’t find another thread that’s focused on Roon search idiosyncrasies (as opposed to Tidal/Qobuz, etc).

Now reposted in the current topic…

This is the current thread about Roon search problems and ongoing improvements: