Roon search is not available

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2016, Intel Core-i5, 16Gb audio PC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet audiophile switch

Connected Audio Devices

Human Audio Tabla Spdif converter (Wasapi driver)

Number of Tracks in Library

<1000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon search is not available. Neither from the PC program nor from Iphone control program. Whenever I want to search for a track in Tidal after thinking it says that Roon search is not available. It says exactly: “can’t connect to Roon search”
The only way for me to listen to a track which is not on my playlist if I go to Tidal app then search for the song that I add it to one of my Tidal playlist then I go back to Roon and then I can play it from the Roon playlist. This is crazy. It has been like this for at least 2 weeks now. I can’t say since when exactly because I am not searching for tracks every day.
But this makes Roon basically useless for me if it stays like it. I have already tried to log out of roon, log out of just Tidal, log out of both, retart core… nothing has helped so far and I am kind of tired to waste more on it from my precious free time.
If this does not get resolved very soon then I am planning to delete Roon core from my PC and switch back to Tidal app. I have a yearly subscription until 2023 Oct. Will you refund me for the unused period? Honestly this would be still really painful beause I am using Roon for multi-room music listening and I will then need to search for another solution. So I don’t prefer this option but I cannot and do not want to continue using Roon without the search capability and do not want to wait weeks/months for the next official bugfix… I want to listen music during Xmas break and if not with roon then with something else I will for sure… just wanted to let you know…

ps.: so far I was 8/10 satisfied with Roon service, now I am at 3/10 max…

Hello Andras,

sorry to hear the troubles you’re having with search. Is the search box for you broken as well?

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