Roon search not finding specific Tidal Music

yesterday I came accross a funny error. I was looking for Emma Wong Dirty Doering and Shakti Pan Kellerkind. Both exist in Tidal and can be found via search. However, typing the same in Roon does not lead to any match :frowning:
Further I added these two to a playlist and since yesterday evening (almost 12h later) they are still no visible in Roons Playlists (although the playlist itself exist…)

Any ideas?

Kind regards and thanks for looking into it… Torsten

Are these the ones you are looking for? Maybe it’s regional. I’m in the US.

Yep, and I can find them in Tidal being logged in with my german account. I thought, roon would simply take Tidal’s answers on search requests and displays them?! …

Sorry, corrected the typo Wang to Wong - same result :wink:

Okay, reinstalling the core did the trick. :wink: Issue solved…

Bottom line: As I could not even see my account information I just tried the reinstall which worked and also converted the database… No idea why the QNap-Core hasn’t been updated automatically…