Roon Search of Tidal or Qobuz unresponsive

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Roon Search of Tidal or Qobuz unresponsive.
Something is amiss … Roon search hasn’t worked for hours.

Might be helpful if you complete the support template so others can assist you best.

I assume you have tried to reboot all affected devices( you don’t say which are the affected unfortunately ATM)

I have a large local library - about 14k tracks. Recently signed up for Tidal after their price drop. Searching became soooo slow! Sometimes it was ok - but usually painfully slow - even the Roon homepage was SLLLOWWW. I’ve rebooted servers - clients - bridges etc. I have speedy internet - and the Tidal app by itself works fine. So last night - I just removed the Tidal connection from Roon - and we’re back to a speedy search experience and a speedy homepage. I like Tidal - but not enough for it to bring Roon to a crawl. And I totally understand that Tidal itself might not be the problem - but if I have to pick good Roon or bad Roon/Tidal - I’ll pick the former. Maybe I’ll check back with the Tidal integration after some updates to see if things get better.

I think you are on to something.

I logged out of Tidal and the search was still slow.

I logged back in to Tidal and the search was lightening quick.

Have you tried clearing the cache?

no…didn’t try clearing the image cache…will try now

About the same after clearing the cache. TheTidal problem Dan refers to above solved it for me. Except he stays logged off and I simply logged off and on again.

Maybe if @Dan_Heatherly tries clearing the cache as well then see if any improvement for himself.

I already dumped Tidal - but if I have to ‘clear a cache’ to get something to be usable - then that’s a pretty crap integration. No thanks. I’ll stick with roon unhitched for now.

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