Roon Search Overhauled [2021-12]

Agreed. Search for classical composers and compositions is much cleaner than in previous releases, with a lot less ambiguity and noise.

Nicely written from beginning to end. Thanks for the excellent portrayal of the journey you and your Team took.


In general the search is much improved and lots of problems have been solved.
I’m sure more will come up, especially with Classical, and you guys will just have to try and get more improvements.

But good job. It isn’t useless anymore. Before it pretty much was.

Thanks for the good explanation, too.

Wow - search is much better now! Thanks for that and for the detailed explanation. Good job!


Good Grief! I searched for “paavo jarvi Tchaikovsky” and I get spot on results under ‘Albums’ that’s a first and very much appreciated!

Ok I do get a Mowtown album in the compositions… but I bet Tchaikovsky is mentioned somewhere in that metadata… :blush:

Much, much better… thanks! :clap:

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Search is one of the aspects I’m very happy with within Roon as a classical music user.
However, what continues to be a MINOR irritation (which search takes care of) is the problem the database has with composers. For example, a composer as well known as Benjamin Britten. Search for ‘Britten’ and I will find most of my local albums and Qobuz favourites. I know your search has improved because I can now find John Wilson’s recent album with a Britten composition on it. However, click on composer ‘Benjamin Britten’ and the experience falls apart - a mere fraction of what I’d expect to see is shown under ‘Albums in my library’. This aspect is still broken.
Not a major issue - I love Roon/Qobuz - but it just sticks out like a sore thumb. When might this aspect be worked on?

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Awesome work! Thanks to everyone at Roon that worked on this.

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The search is SO bad. Also in the beta version.
I have a Qobuz subscribtion.
Wanted to find “OP 12” ; “des abends”; “Arthur Rubenstein”. Google could do it, but in Roon it is impossible.
I would to start with “Arthur Rubenstein”, then continue with one of the other keywords, but no way.

And why is it that I can search and find new albums in the Qobuz app directly but not in Roon??

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Not at all impossible:


Will you guys ever consider hiring a data base / backup specialist?

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Fantastic write-up. Love the approach here and the results speak for themselves! Great work!

Excuse me, but what is this new “research”? I type Haendel, I get Georg Frederic Haendel and only one reference: Organ Concertos! Nothing else ?..

Yesterday I searched for Pierre Boulez, I was offered only one of his Stravinsky discs! Nothing else ?..

Come on, that’s not serious!

I ran this search and get the one album as well.
If you click on the link below in the results listed as composers.
I then go to discography and have 138 albums available. I just have Qobuz though.

Are you not seeing similar?

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Really ??? !!! Is it a joke ?

We have been told that search optimization is an ongoing project, but by all means, the new release is a very big step forward. I find it very useable as it is, and very much improved over previous versions. Kudos to you as the main responsible for making this happen!


Sadly, I am having a terrible search experience since the update. Numerous artists that I know are on my streaming services across various generals are simply not populating ANY results when I search for them. This is a seriously debilitating issue for my personal use case. :frowning: Any ETA on a fix?

Can you please provide a few specific examples of what are you searching for and what are you expecting to see? Are these artists also in your library?

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@zenit Thanks for your answer. Here the Top result on “Pierre Boulez”. Only one disc as a result. I have to click below on his name to have the complete recordings. Why ?