Roon Search Overhauled [2021-12]

No problem here with that search. Top of the list is this just searching your local library or the full search?

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Anyone care to advise me how to find the track Saturday night by the eagles using search

Okay, answering my own question

Perhaps the “all track search results” is a tad misleading in the first search


I get lots of track results for saturday night and for eag

Do you mean filtering for eag like in my screenshot?

If so could you post a screenshot?

Are these hits from your library?


Argh, no sorry I was confused.

Well, the first one worked for me?

Clarification: Typing “saturday night” in Search bar, then pressing Enter. After that Filter on “eag”.

I get same as you nothing comes up if I filter eag, so that likely means Roon hasn’t returned it all
And checking confirms it’s not its returned results, way other titles so far of the search do. Just bad logic here for searching. If I add eag to the main search after Saturday Night the quick search shows it.

Do you have that album in your library, I don’t, how about you @CrystalGipsy ?


Yes, i do. Figured that was a reason…

No not at all.

Come on Roon. Since the 2.0 upgrade I notice all my searches take way longer. Admittedly I don’t have a very fast internet connection living in the country but I do have one.

But I guess the benefit of not being able to play my 100% local library when the internet is down is offset by the greatly improved search.

I have seven Stereolab albums two eps and several appearances on compilations. Voice to text separates stereolab into stereo lab. So I’m left scratching my head as to why I can’t quickly and easily find my own music.

Here are my results for stereo lab.

And when I view all results, still no Stereolab.


Tbh for local library finds search is a waste of space. I’ve given up with it now and just use the funnel filter on albums instead. Not a solution a workaround but needs must.

Even when I tested Roon a few months ago, I thought search wasn’t good. Someone here told me to use the filter instead. I then knew there was a workaround for the not so really good search funtionality. (But if search would work fast and perfectly I would use that)

A workaround for an existing problem would be fine. But in my opinion we are going backwards here. I remember as a kid in the '70s holding the rabbit ears on the TV because it gave better reception for the rest of the people in the room. I’m glad that is a thing of the past.

From my viewpoint, search is now worse than three or four years ago when I fell in love with Roon. Since 2.0 came out I’ve been holding my tongue and hoping that it was me and I would find the benefit that has been touted. I can say without a doubt that my specific “user experience” is worse, not better. And I’m a Roon fanboy. I’m personally responsible for at least three people signing up for Roon. I sing it’s praises to anyone who will listen.

For me the search is a lot slower and a lot less accurate. I’ve gotten to the point where I just find an album, play it and hope that Roon radio keeps things more or less to my liking. To search 10 or 15 artists / albums and queue up an hour’s worth of songs I’m interested in at the moment like I used to is slower than grabbing every LP, cleaning them and playing the tracks one at a time…Which is fine for a lazy Sunday afternoon but not really what I’m after midday Tuesday when I’m working.

Because of Roon I have spent quite a bit of money for a dedicated NUC, updated networking hardware, pulled cat 5 cables where there were none, bought room ready endpoints, etc. Yet it seems with every update they are taking away the things I fell in love with and not giving me anything in return. ARC is not supported by my ISP’s design (IP 6 and double NAT). The discovery feature has been all but hidden. The nice graphics that broke down my library in many ways is gone. I’m paying annually for the product yet on the handful of support tickets I’ve opened the response is a snail’s pace and I’m not expecting anything before 24 hours passes. It’s getting harder and harder to see the value.

Right or wrong they’ve made the calculation on the direction they’re heading and where they think they can find new customers. Maybe at the expense of a few existing ones.

I get it that I might not be the norm having over 100,000 local files and not streaming anything. I’ve been a software developer for over 25 years. I’ve never seen a strategy so focused on taking things away versus improving what is already there and adding more functionality.

Long story short Roon, take the space out of stereo lab and have a search circa 2002. Every camel has a maximum number of straws it can support


My roon search seems to be working fine since the last post. If I just type “Sm”, Robert Smith shows as first choice and The Smiths as 6th choice. There is an artist or two on the list not familiar with but not bad for just 2 letters.

They still don’t have anything for misspelling yet. Think they claimed something about Michael vs McHael both bringing up Michael Jackson but isn’t my case and that’s a really weird way to get Michael wrong. Would just be the common mistake of Micheal. And that won’t bring up Michael Jackson.

You are not alone in how you feel combined with no internet no play it is becoming hard to justify a lot of things. Many have similar feelings that I know.


Funny stuff. Just typed “bj” and Bjork is the first result.

See here for the 2022 update regarding search.

Lets continue the discussion in the new topic. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!