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Roon search not working properly. have been looking for Jordi Savall Beethoven symphonies 6 - 9 for some weeks after reading a review and finding the first 5 symphonies. Then I realised I couldn’t find by search half of an Oscar Peterson / Stephane concert in Paris.

So I went direct to Qobuz, found it easily, marked it as a favourite and then it was findable in Roon.

I was delighted to find the Jordi Savall Beethoven 6 -9 the same way, but this should not be necessary. What has gone wrong with the Roon search function?

(By the way, the Jordi Savall Beethoven Symphonies are out of this world good on a decent hi fi with Roon)

Hi James, I’m not very familiar with classical music but working on it. I entered a search for Jordi Savall Beethoven Symphonies and the response included Beethoven Revolution - Symphonies 6 - 9 Jordi Savall / Le Concert des Nations. Is this what you were searching for or is it something different?

Hi Mike
Yes. I had the symphonies 1-5 in my library so they came up, but the later ones (6-9)were not there in the whole discography or by searching. They are now because they are in my library via Qobuz favourites.
Also Roon searches would not find; “jazz in Paris: Oscar Peterson-Stephane Grapelli Quartet vol.2” I had vol 1 in my library and the only way i could find it was by going to Qobuz and adding to my Qobuz favourites which I could then access on Roon. Do you think the problem may be to do with my settings if you can find these OK?

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I don’t understand what could be different, nothing I’ve done with settings. The search returned Symphonies 1 5 and 6 9.

Hopefully someone can explain the different responses to the same search criteria.

I do not have Qobuz but Tidal. Searching for this exact phrase did not yield results. Just ‘Jordi Savall Beethoven’ did give both albums (1-5 and 6-9).

The other album is strange, though. I tried all of these phrases with zero results:

  • jazz in Paris: Oscar Peterson-Stephane Grapelli Quartet vol.2
  • jazz in Paris: Oscar Peterson-Stephane Grapelli Quartet
  • Oscar Peterson-Stephane Grapelli Quartet
  • Stephane Grapelli Quartet

Then I tried ‘Stephane Grapelli’, for which finally the quick results showed some data: the artist Stéphane Grapelli. Tapping this however again showed zero results: the artist doesn’t have any albums available.
The last resort was searching for ‘Oscar Peterson’. He did show up with lots of albums, which I then filtered for ‘Paris’, which eventually gave the requested vol.2 album.
This album also made it clear that the spelling for Stéphane Grappelli is with two p’s, not with one.

Thanks for trying that. It certainly seems there is a problem with the search function. Although it might not be expected to be as sophisticated as google search, the fact that searching direct on Qobuz works better, suggests Roon need to do some work here.

Possibly the issue is that this album was marked for release on the 28th January 2022, and may not have been available to Roon when you originally searched for it? It’s certainly there now.

The issue is not specific to that album. See reply/post from “Arien”. When i have time !'ll try some more classical searches and report as I have noticed a general problem in finding albums which should have come up with my search words.

Ideally, please specify this:

  • Your exact search query
  • Which exact album/track you are expecting (a screenshot would be perfect), and is it only in your local library and/or Qobuz
  • What results are you getting (again, a screenshot would help here)

Most likely not. Usually, results depend rather on whether users have them in their library or not.


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