Roon search really slow

So finally bit the bullet and bought a Intel Nuc to run ROCK. I followed the exact procedure of installing bios update, setting up bios, installing ROCK and installing codecs etc…I’m fairly happy but I’m finding the search function really slow 90% of the time.

My setup:
Intel Nuc 5th gen i5
16GB Ram (ddr3 1600)
128GB m.2 SSD
Fibre broadband 78MB Down 20MB Up
Netgear network switch
Tidal Hi-Fi account

I will be installing a 1TB SSD and copying over my music library from my NAS (previously used for Logitech Media Server).

Searching on my previous setup: squeezebox server on old atom based NAS is a lot faster (Tidal and local library). Also searching Tidal on Cambridge Audio Stream Magic App connected to Edge NQ is instant.

Have I done something wrong or is roons’ search function just really slow? If so this is a potential deal breaker.

Is the Roon Core since importing and building your library.
Go to Settings -> Library and see if there is an ‘Analysing’ counter.
While this is being undertaken any NUC will run slow, as all core as being used to perform this initial load & index.

I’ve not imported a library yet. Currently no local music on nuc, nor have I pointed it to the music on my NAS. Just using Tidal until I get a new SSD to import my music library too.

How slow is “really slow”? Could you give an example of a specific search and how long it takes?

If I search Led Zeppelin it takes 10-15 seconds to find, then when I click on the artist it takes another 20 seconds to load the albums etc… Search Pink Floyd takes even longer

My search and loads are taking minutes to not loading at all…working fine yesterday!

Hmm… at the moment I think I’m not getting an answer at all… :-/

Same here, the Roon interface is pretty much unusable at the moment. Did a Core and remote reboot, Qobuz logout and login with no change.

Appears there is a glitch in the matrix between Roon and Qobuz - its just completely died on me over the last 10-15 mins. I’m sure it will return to normal shortly…

Yep its dead at the moment despite restart of network, nucleus, and ipad remote! Something’s not working on Roon’s end I would think!

Same here. Slow…

same here frustrating

Same here.

Mine seems good all the sudden again!

Mine has improved a lot. But when you select an artist to bring up albums etc… it’s still a bit laggy

Mine’s good.

Same here after latest update.

same here for about an hour last night. Seemed to be ok after that. I thought I was overcooking my Antipodes (I was ripping at the same time) but it seems not lol

Much snappier today. Still occasionally laggy and not as quick as native Tidal search on streamer.

Have you tried a different DNS setting, e.g. ?