Roon Search>to few results displayed

I know lots said about this topic.
What I would like to know.
100’s of my albums have SBD in its title.
When I search SBD Roon displays a page of results.
Maybe 30 or 40 results.
Why does Roon not display all the files with “SBD” in it and just some?
Does the search function result only allow for a certain amount of results to be displayed.
In this situation all the titles are standardized with SBD being in the same place in each title.
Thank you

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Well, if you are looking in your library, I always suggest using filter and filter on Albums using SBD. Search integrates results from local libraries and streaming services and presents them together.

So no limit to number of search results?

AFAIK there are limits for search results (50?) as with active subscriptions to streaming providers, the number of search results may be very huge (as well as the time to wait for them) otherwise.

Another reason why search is Roons weak spot.
But I believe you are correct

Yes there is a limit, that is what I meant when I said Search integrates results. In effect, Search does different searches and aggregates the data, presenting the top results according to some ranking so as not to potentially overwhelm the total result set. Again, as BlackJack said, and as I understand it.

That is why, when looking for content IN your library, I suggest the filter. It is quick and accurate as it is just text matching. Again, AFAIK. Given you were trying to find albums in your library with “SBD” in the title. That would be best served using filter.

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