Roon Security Alert (Forum logout related)

Core Machine

Intel NUC 8i5, 8Gb RAM, Roon Rock

Network Details

Sky Q Router; Cisco 2960 Switch, all connections by Ethernet

Audio Devices

Linn Klimax DS/1

Library Size

2,600 albums

Description of Issue

I have been running Roon for approximately two and a half years with exactly the same devices and via the same ISP (Sky Broadband), and am based in the UK.

On 3rd June I received for the first time a security alert by email to state that a new device had logged in to my Roon Account, and asking me to take action if the new device did not belong to me.

I changed my account password as a precaution. However, ever since then I have received an identical email security alert every single time I log into Roon. Since I log into Roon almost every day, and sometimes more than once a day, I now receive at least one security email alert a day despite the fact that I am logging in using the same device that I have used since I became a member.

Roon has obviously implemented a security check of some sort that is not functioning as it should. I should surely not be receiving daily false alarm security alerts when in fact I am using my standard PC to connect.

On the scale of things, this is not a bug that needs to be addressed particularly urgently, but it is nonetheless irritating, and points to the fact that whatever security checks Roon has introduced in order to manage hacking is not functioning as it should.

As you surmised, this is part of new security features introduced by Roon.

Yes - I am aware of this.

However, perhaps you could explain what "Our team recently implemented some account security features which will notify you of new logins, these emails are genuine". actually means.

I am being notified of ‘a new login’ every single time I log into Roon despite the fact that it is not a new login. I am using the same device and ISP that I have used ever since I became a member two and a half years ago.

What is the purpose of sending me a security email alert every time I log in to warn me that I have logged in?

Do you not accept that the logic and code behind this new ‘security feature’ is somewhat flawed?

I would definitely want to receive a security alert if a genuinely new device were to attempt to log in to my account. But, if that actually were to happen I would dismiss the alert out of hand on the basis that I would have no way of knowing that it wasn’t just yet another of my daily false alarms!

Ahh yes, I see you contributed to that thread. Sorry.

As for your questions, I am a user like you so cannot answer, but perhaps support might.

Thanks Brian.

As I said, although the daily email security alerts are annoying, they are not a great inconvenience. My concern is that the security mechanism that triggers these alerts seems to be flawed and should probably be addressed at some point. I will not be the only person experiencing the false alarms

Other than this hopefully minor issue, Roon is working pretty much flawlessly in each of my audio systems.


Hi @hmack

Are you logging out of Roon every time you’re finished by going to Settings > General and choosing logout? Or are you just closing the app and re-opening it and you have to sign in again?

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Apologies - I can see that my posts have been misleading.

I actually obtain the email security alert when I log into the Roon Community Forum, not when I log into the Roon app. I don’t log out of the app when I close it down and am not forced to sign in again when I re-open it.

The email alert is sent to me every time I log into this Forum.

Sorry for the confusion.

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I never get these…I never log out so just don’t logout. Is there a need you have to be doing a logout?

I switch off my computer overnight, so most logins (although not Roon) would time out and log me out anyway. However, as a matter of course, I log out of any open applications or websites (including Roon or any other forum) overnight before I switch off my PC for security reasons.

Irrespective of this, the Roon security check and email security alerts have not been implemented correctly since I get the alert to say that I have logged in using a new device every time I log in, despite the fact that I am using the same device (my main PC) and ISP. Nothing has changed.

Do you also clear cache or cookies when you exit the browser?

No I don’t clear cache or cookies whenever I exit the browser, although from a security perspective I probably should.

It’s something that I used to do at one point years ago, but I now only clear out my cookies and cache manually every couple of months or so.