Roon Security via Profile -- aka "Party Mode" / "Do No Harm" [On roadmap, low on list]

Hi @Deene_Dafoe,

Others have also expressed their wish for this as well, thus I’ve moved your post into this Feature Request topic.

It is also a concern for me, not so much from children in my case more from having guests round that could accidently wipe albums from library.

I have to confess I’ve even deleted the odd album myself … fortunately I have a backup (or two) so it could be recovered. However, it were someone else that had deleted … it could be months before I noticed and possibly my backups by then would be stale.

On my previous streaming system Sooloos, I had library management and setup functions PIN protected.

Yes, please!

I too would very much like to have the ability to lock down dangerous, library- and system-setup-changing operations such that they can only be performed by designated administrative or owner users, with password or PIN controls.

Right now way too much carefully-managed setup and curation could be laid waste to by careless, or overcurious, or (much as we hope against it) malicious guest users.

I don’t believe that a single guest user would be sufficient. I believe that guest-ness or administrator-ness should be configurable for any user. Fancy granularity in terms of what privileges can be granted or not might be nice, but worrying about that question shouldn’t be allowed to delay you from implementing a fairly basic flavor of lockdown.


Add me to the list

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+1 for the ability to lock specific profiles.

I think also perhaps locking profiles to prevent access to explicit lyrics might be a good idea for those who don’t approve or have kids they wish to protect from such music.

Looks like profiles have a lot of desirable things.

Definitely another +1! @Danny, just wondering, not meant as criticism: 2.5 years ago, you say you’ve been pushing this for a while already. What makes this so hard/difficult to implement?

It’s still there… just very low on the list. It requires some thought and then adds baggage that must be maintained. We’ve always wanted to do it since we did it back in the Sooloos days, but we know what a mess this feature can turn into without giving it proper thought.

Okay @Danny, that’s clear, thanks.

Anyone offering to host a Roon party when this comes out ? We may have to open a thread for best party space.


+1 I would love to be able to define (and thus limit) permissions per user

Still very interested in having this functionality.


+1 one for enhanced security.

I’m in the process of setting up a second Roon system in my dive shop. I was planning to allow customers to use an iPad, or download the Roon app onto their smartphones, to get the thrill of browsing the library and selecting music to play.

But then I realised there is no way for me to prevent them editing metadata, deleting files, etc.

Thus without to ability to have a default profile that is read and play only, I can’t make Roon available as I would like to.

The same thing applies when I have guests at home using the Roon system there as well.

Providing everyone and anyone with full access to the highly groomed music library is a real weakness in the Roon ecosystem.


I do this already when we have guest over. They all have the app installed on their phones and profiles and just join in. They never edit or cause any issues and have been doing it since I started with Roon as did it previously with LMS. Just educate and trust your friends. We have invented our own playlist game to, to make it more challenging.

Would that it were so simple.

Hail Caesar!

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I would like to vote for a “do no harm mode” for the control software.

Here is the scenario: I have guests that come over to stay the weekend, or perhaps someone housesitting for me while I’m away. I want to be able to give them an iPad or connect their phone to Roon so they can enjoy music either in their room or perhaps in one of the common areas. The problem is, if I give them access to play music, they can easily do real harm to my Roon setup & library. For example:

• They can delete or reconfigure audio end points.
• They can change meta data.
• And (Gulp) they can actually DELETE albums on my NAS!!

There should be a way to give a guest read only control access where they can not do harm. Without this feature, Roon remains strictly a supervised activity at my house.


Reaching the end of a 14 day trial and this is one of the most pressing issues for me.
I really would appreciate a guest profile.
Would love to hear if this is actually on the roadmap (or not) from Roon.


It’s a big map.:smile:

Danny said it was on the roadmap, three years ago. That’s all that can and probably will be said.

Bit of a thread resurrection, but I’m really surprised this feature still hasn’t been introduced.

I just, very nervously, gave my 10-yr-old access to roon so she can play music in her bedroom. PLEASE can we have a “Party/Guest/Child mode” before she destroys my roon database? Thanks!


Exactly this, for years now. But Roon doesn’t seem to / want to understand the demographics of its own user base. Missed opportunity, catch up with reality guys! :wink: