Roon seems a lot louder than Airplay on Lumin T2

Hi, I did not measure it but have the impression that Roon is a lot louder than Airplay for a given volume.

This is quite annoying when someone used the mac volume setting.

It also means that when using Airplay I will set the volute to very loud. If someone than just hits play on Roon, it will be way to loud since using the last setting from Airplay.

Cant these two just be the same…?
I think this is what other venders are doing

With the current firmware 13.2, when you adjust AirPlay volume (using the iPad volume buttons), the Lumin volume will also be adjusted so both are in sync (but not in the reverse direction). The AirPlay volume will then be rescaled for iPad: I think there’s something like 11 volume steps in the iPad. So the 11 steps are remapped to Lumin volume 0-100 divided by 11.

Volume 100 in Roon for Lumin is the same as maximum volume of AirPlay. There should not be a difference at all. If there is a difference, it may come from the source music, the source app (some have volume leveling on as default), the OS mixer, or the volume rescale for iPad is not ideal for Mac OS when you use volume < 100.

This is not what I have observed, but I will investigate more and reply my findings here. Thx once again Peter.