Roon seems to be holding connection not letting me use the Sonos App

After using Roon on my Mac to stereo paired 5’s it seems like Roon is still hanging onto the speakers. I get a long error message with Roon flac something in it? Any ideas what is going on?

Can you post the actual error message, that might help support.

Here are some screenshots from the Sonos App

No response? I assume Roon holds not exclusive mode longer than it should even after I quit it.

On my Sonos system, I get the same type message if I open the Sonos app after using Roon to control my Sosos speakers/amp. All you have to do is pick a different music source and you are good to go. In effect, you are just picking a different song/stream to override the Roon stream. Works for me every single time.

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Thanks much.

Hello @DarwinOSX, my apologies for the delayed response here. How long does Roon seem to hold onto the device? Please let me know if this is still occurring.

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