Roon sees all drives except the one conncted directly to Roon Endpoint

@support @SteveSilberman Wolfsong Audio customer have trouble accessing files he could access before.

Roon Core 1.5 running on an Imac. Bryston BDP Pi endpoint. NAS Terastation and files on local Mac hard drive show up. BDP Pi in Roon Ready mode and all above files play as does Tidal. There is a 5 TB drive connected directly to the BDP Pi via USB 2.0 cable. Roon does not find this drive in Folders under Storage.

BDP Pi will see and play those files on the 5 TB drive when it’s own Gui is used. This confirms the Pi sees the drive. Roon sees the Pi and will play files from the NAS and local Mac hard drive. Add folder does not show the 5tb drive ( not 100% sure of this as he was not able to confirm ). Ideas where to tell Roon to look for the folder? Add a network share? Oddly the exact same configuration was 100$ operational before he took the Imac to a 2nd home and ran Roon there.

Hello @Michael_Burns,

You need to add the Bryston as a “Network Share” in the Roon storage settings. You should use the Bryston’s WebUI to find the name of the shared folder, and then enter the adress in Roon in this format



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John, Thanks. Will send to customer and walk him through! Let you knowe how it goes.