Roon sees no more my ID40

I’m using a Mac Mini as Roon server but after playing a few songs it keeps losing contact with the ID40. What to do now. For now I’m using my old SBT as an endpoint, that seems to work well.

Do you still have Sooloos running on your network? What is your network topology?

Anyone trying to help will need a few more details.

No Sooloos active. Have a QNAP TS-459 NAS, Linksys EU7500 (brand new) router, a Netgear switch and than directly cat7 to the ID40

BTW, I can switch to a server on a W8 PC but the same problem also. Before this weekend everything was working fine. I have the Mini since last saturday.

Can you ping the IP address of the ID40?
Can you open the IP address in a web browser?

If no to either or both of these then reboot the 8xx unit.
Check cables are seated fully etc.

Reboot your Roon core also.

I would be checking things like this.

Hope that helps

PS … you mention above that the router is brand new. Does its newness coincide with the issue?

It’s working fine now for more than 24 h. I guess the Mac was still getting Metadata causing the trouble. Keeping my fingers crossed now. `Thank you all for the advices.

I’ve also been having this problem recently with the ID40 card . Originally , it was falling off the Sooloos system but now its falling off Roon . An IP scan shows the ID40 constantly and its home page is easily reachable but in Roon it is listed as disabled . It can reappear for a while when set to ‘Enable’ ID40 .

I have Roonserver running latest firmware on 2012 Mac Mini ( Quad Core i7 2.6ghz/16gbRAM + WD Thunderbolt attached storage which also feeds an ID41 ) . Remote runs on a Macbook Pro and various iPhones/iPads . Sky Q Hub router .

Everything is running latest firmware available .

Baffling .


My money is on the router doing something on your network.

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If it is the router why just the ID40 ? We added back in the Airport Extreme believing it could solve any potential Multicast problems as recommended by Meridian themselves . For a couple of weeks , no problems , but the combination of 1.2 and latest Sooloos updates and the worst things possible ; judder , skip , drop out , crash !


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Might be worth reducing the network down to just a Roon PC switch and ID40. See if you can eliminate possible hardware issues.

Assume no Power plugs anywhere ?

Another option… I wonder if the ID40 might need re-setting or even re-seating.

I think I saw on HH or somewhere recently a user that had an ID4x replaced by M due to a fault. Quite a few C10 and C15 were also fixed due to network card faults. So, that says that such things can happen.

I would start with a temporary system setup to rule out router etc.

Thing is , it works fine with Sooloos and is listed on the router’s device listings as present . Ive reset the ‘Audio Endpoint’ numerous times . No power plugs in use just iTachs for vMsr control . Even Apple tvs are showing up fine and are not enabled on Roon .

Ill keep at it ,


Hi Manus,
Hope you’re well

Can you check the Firmware version of the ID40 and list it here…I know Sooloos should have updated it to the latest, but sometimes it doesn’t

I also wonder if resetting it to the most recently known “stable” version might help…i.e. I wonder if the most recent Sooloos update has caused the infrequent network stack “instability” to raise its head again…worth a try

Having said all the above…having done some investigation on those new Sky Q routers and being scared off them completely for various technical reasons, I do wonder if that could also be the issue??

Cheers and hope you can resolve it

Thanks Ronnie ,
I’ve spoken to Sky and they can’t find a reason so far either . In Roon the (3) Apple tvs appear as potential , but unused zones It’s just the Meridian cards that seem to have difficulty . Having said all that , we’ve just reset the Airport Extreme and left the Sky Q Hub in charge for now and managed to play 2 hi-res tracks in each zone :O)

So I’m getting out while I’m ahead !

ID40 settings are : Software 1.3 (Build 168 )
C0-Processor version : 2.0.19
Hardware Version 2.1

I also noticed in the Zones section of the Sooloos debug page a box labelled " Is paired with us " and the ID40 isn’t while the ID41 is ??? Not sure if that has any bearing ?

Best ,


Wit’s end with this again . After settling down for the week , as soon as I take a day off , Roon can see but not play to USB ID29 , likewise ID41 and can not see ID40 at all . Both endpoint cards appear as normal in an IP scan.

Wonder if I should tear it all down and start again ???