Roon Self-Terminates on M1 Macs

The Roon app just closes on its own. On both my remote M1 MacBook Pro and M1 Mac-Mini running the latest Mac OŚ, once the Roon app is started it will run for some period of time (less than 24 hours) but will stop running on its own - the app is closed when I check on either machine. The MB Pro goes to sleep after a period of time, though other apps come back up when it’s awakened. The Mac-Mini is always awake as it is my Roon Server. At the moment I have to run Roon because Roon Server build 970 has an issue in always being in initialization mode, as addressed in another thread - ticket submitted so await a fix. Perhaps the bugs in 970, when fixed, will resolve this termination problem too, but any suggestions in the meantime would be welcomed.

What version of MacOS are you running?

Monterey 12.4 on both the Macbook and the Mini.

I’ve had better stability on 11.6.x and even 13.0 developer beta on my M1 mini. Not so great on 12.x.x


I’ve seen similar comments to yours elsewhere. Reverting to an older version is not so easy, at least for me, unfortunately. I guess I’ll pin my hopes on the Roon tech folks getting the bugs out so Roon and Roon Server work correctly with the latest OS. Hardly a good introduction for someone who is just finishing his first exposure to Roon with a free trial.

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