Roon Seminar in Phoenix this Saturday

We’re holding a Roon Seminar this coming Saturday (February 11, from 1:00pm - 6:00pm) at Esoteric Audio in Phoenix, AZ. If you’re in the area (or willing to make the trip) please check out our website for more information on the event.

Esoteric Audio Roon Seminar

This seminar will start with the basics and explore of some of Roon’s more powerful features. We’ll cover the following (and more):

  • Basic concepts of Roon architecture
  • Hardware and operating system requirements (with recommendations)
  • Installation and configuration
  • Metadata management
  • Playback optimization
  • Getting the most out of Roon

While we’re basing the sessions on a logical progression which will appeal to new users we’re fully prepared to dive into discussions and demonstrations of more advanced features. Ultimately we’ll tailor the content to the audience.

In addition John Quick from dCS will join us to formally introduce the new dCS Network Bridge, which turns any manufacturer’s DAC into a fully-functioning network streamer (including native Roon support).

Event Agenda
We’re breaking the event into three sessions with plenty of break time in between. We have a lot of material to cover so please make every effort to be on time (early is even better).

1:00 pm: Introduction to Roon
In this session we’ll give a brief functional overview of Roon for those who have never used it before, and will then cover the system architecture and hardware requirements in-depth.

2:30 pm: Getting Up and Running with Roon
Here we’ll discuss some configuration examples and perform a fresh installation of Roon. This is where we’ll cover configuration settings and the general clean-up needed after a fresh library import.

4:00 pm: Advanced Functionality
We’ve covered the basics and built a Roon server so now it’s time to dive in and explore the functionality that makes Roon so powerful. This session will focus heavily on some of the new features of version 1.3.

5:00 pm: Listening Party
Throughout the event there will be plenty of time to get hands-on experience with Roon and after the seminar we’ll turn the controls over to the attendees for an informal listening party.

Esoteric Audio
111 W Monroe St, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Saturday February 11, 2017
1:00pm - 6:00pm

Seating is limited for this seminar. We invite anyone with an interest to attend, but require an RSVP to ensure seating.

Please click here for the RSVP form

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here.

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By the time I get to Phoenix, I’m sure it will all be over.



Wish I lived in Phoenix. Your contributions to this forum are very useful. Thank you for that.

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Record them and make them available on YouTube. They will be a great resource for many.


I attended a Roon seminar in San Diego a couple of months ago. It was a good opportunity to learn more about Roon and upcoming features.

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, and there many members of the community in the same situation, would you consider recording the event and uploading it online?

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Unfortunately, we’re just not setup to be able to do this easily. Love the idea, but due to the layout of the store there’s no good way to get a video. Plus, I’ll freely admit that I don’t own the hardware to make the recording in the first place.

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Isn’t seating a bit limited? :wink:

Anyway, have a great day – here’s hoping for a full house. Given the knowledge you bestow upon us so regularly, I bet it is going to be interesting.

Hence the need for the RSVP as we have to rent chairs! We’ve been able to cram as many as 50 into the showroom for a seminar, but since we’ll be using a projector and people will need to be able to see the screen we’re shooting for half that.

Wow this is great! My parents live in Phoenix so I’m there once in a while… I’ll swing by next time :airplane:

Please do!

I’d love to come but it’s a bit of a trek from U.K. - any chance you could FaceBook LIVE stream or similar?


Any chance you will make the 90 minute drive south and come to Tucson?

I’ve got a couple of Tucson people making the trip up for this… you guys should carpool :slight_smile:

90 plus Minute drive + 5 Hour seminar + 90 plus minute drive is a darn long day!

I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it this time. I think my wife has other plans for me that starts with Yard and ends with work.

+1 on the facebook live or just even a youtube video posted after the event…

I see people hesitate to do this type of posting, but it’s always awesome to see/hear.


@RBM, @Geoff_Coupe, @danny:

What about organizing a Dutch version? Maybe even get some official Roon Labs ‘support’. A bit like the TEDx’s as a local version of TED. Community driven, not audio store / manufacturer driven.

I am sure we can find some good HIFI locations where we can hold one :slight_smile:

Hmm. I’m hesitant about this. I suspect that sponsorship, in the form of premises and equipment, from an audio store is probably a given. Perhaps we would be better off asking Hans Beekhuyzen to update his YouTube seminar on Roon:

I’ve been to two of these types of events in NYC… the local audio groups do them, and asked us to come talk about Roon.

It’s a great idea. @enno is in Amsterdam once in a while too…