Roon server and endpoint

hi community.

I have a bit of a picky that I need some help on.

I have an Audionet DNP PRE/DAC, that I am using the DAC part of. This is giving me the best sound out of a DAC i have ever heard and I want to keep this.

Now, I just phurcased a Innous Zenit, was planning to use this as a roon server, using the USB port towards the Audionet DNP USB port.
That did not work, the Audionet do not see the Innous linux server, and I suspect that the audionet do not support a linux server (driver issue)
My other server is a Mojo dejavu running win server 2012-R with audiophils software optimizer, This server has a JCAT USB with FEMTO clock.

I have tree questions. I was hoping that I could put in a SOTM TX-USBULTRA, or a UPTONE ISO regen in between, but as I have understood this will still be a issue because of the driver. Can anybody confirm this?

Are there any other windowns based roon endpoint, that can be used?

Last I was thinking about maybe running the Dejavu server as an roon endpoint, this will rob me from the income I was expecting to get selling this, and would also be kind of redundant as this is a fully fleshed server as well.
=> if ai where to use this as a enpoint, would I need to set it up somwhat different that I have as a server? I mean software twaking, I have to remove the server software and instal a client, right? what about audtiophil optimizer, would I set this up differently on a endopoint than a server?

Any, any suggesttion to solution, is very much apprechiated… My preferd method would be to be able to sel the dejavu server and use the USB on the Innous directly or via a usb regenerator (good quality one).

Thanks for all support :slight_smile:

Or is is maybe roon bridge I would install, just to use the dejavu windowns machine as an endpoint. Now sound quality is sentral here and I want to be able to use this getting the best quality posible. I am not sure what the difference using a two box solution /server-endpoint versus just server is. Maybe somebody could enlighten me on this as well.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Why not run Windows on a cheap windows NUC like box and run it as a roon bridge … like the MSI Cubi or many others with Windows Home on it…thats fine even on a Celeron based CPU for Roon Bridge.

Assuming your DAC has drivers that will work fine in Windows…just make a mental note that Windows Home won’t support windows Remote so if you run it headless then you need something VNC like or Teamviewer to admin it. I have used this same setup with DAC’s that don’t support the Linux USB drivers needed to get maximum DSD rates for up sampling in Roon.

But I already have a windowns server I can use as a roon bridge.
I am running this today with roon server, towards my dac
what is the difference? it is just replaising one windows server
with another!?


I’m just saying there are options for a much smaller footprint (and cost) than your current windows server for bridge with windows driver support. Sounds like you have answered your own issue then…run bridge on the windows server … but if you were selling it then it could be replaced with a much less costly windows box for bridge - which was my main point.

As for the sound differences you might have to rely on your own testing to determine that. Everyone hears differently :slight_smile:

My main fokus was a solution where I do not have to use this Windows server.
My second where to use it as an end point if this is not possible

And if so, how to set it ip best possible way as an end point

Sorry if I was not clear what I am asking about

I am not sure what you mean by this. You will not be using Audionet’s Music Manager at all with Roon.

With Roon, it is Roon which sees the DAC. When you go into Roon’s Audio Setup, you are saying you do not see any DAC listed?

Also, just to make sure, you are plugging the USB cable into the USB-B connection on the DNP, not the USB-A connection.

Sounds like @Rugby knows where you might best connect what to what and as I’m about to get on a plane I’ll leave it with him to help. :flight_departure:

Not talking about audionet music manager. I am trying to run roon server on a linux software directly to the usb output on my audionet dac. A and B is i possible to do wrong as it is this is different connectores (male to mini). In fact audionet and innous ha today come online and said that this is xmos chipset and should work fine with a usb regen in between. It will not work directly for some reason.

I mean that in roon audio setup the dac does not show via usb. There is incompability issues between the usb controllers so No dac in roon audio setup.

Have you tried a network connection from the Zenith to the DAC? You could test it by installing just the Roon Bridge software on your Win12 server and connecting that to your DAC via the JCAT USB out, which should sound pretty good. I doubt you would even need a USB regen in this config. That will allow you to install the correct ASIO or WSAPI driver on your Win12 server as required by your DAC. In my experience Linux systems, like Mac OS, don’t usually need a special driver to connect via USB but I’m not familiar with your DAC.