Roon Server and HQPlayer on one simple Linux box that can be managed from a browser

We now have HQPlayer embedded running on our sonicTransporter line of Roon Servers.

You don’t need any knowledge of Linux or a computer to get it working. You just plug it into your router and go to the web user interface to configure everything.

If you have a sonicTransporter already you need to upgrade to the latest code to be able to install HQPlayer.

Here are the directions to do that

Once you update you can install HQPlayer from the software manager. You can then log into the HQplayer GUI and configure it.

Go to -> Manage -> Settings -> HQPlayer Embedded You will be give the option to launch the HQPlayer GUI and be given the user name and password (admin:admin) .

Once in the GUI click about and you will be given the code you need to buy a license. Once you have the license key file you can click on key (in the hqplayer web GUI) to upload it.


Users are asking me where to get an HQPlayer license.

You can purchase a license direct from Signalyst.

Hi Andrew.
How do I enter an existing license key (I already purchased HQPlayer a couple of years ago for W10 use)? There doesn’t seem to be a text entry option when uploading and a .txt file of my license key failed when I tried uploading as ‘User’.

Also, is it necessary to point HQP at my music and scan, or can I use it in the playback chain downstream of Roon (hosted on my STi7)?
Thanks in advance.

You need to upload a license file for HQPlayerd

You don’t need to have it scan your music if you are using Roon.

If you have questions or problems with HQplayer please contact Signalst.