Roon Server and Linux Network Bridge Signal Path

I’m using Roon Server on an Ubuntu 18 server, Roon Remote on an iPad, and my Roon-ready endpoint is the dCS Network Bridge (NBR). The NBR is daisy-chained to the server via the JCAT Net card, and the two Ethernet connections are bridged in the OS. My intent is to have a direct Ethernet connection from the server’s local file data to the Roon endpoint. There is a thread on which suggests this would be the case, and I started another thread which received a few posts with similar sentiments, but I felt the responses were only theoretical. Is there someone knowledgeable about Linux, ideally a Roon engineer, who can definitively confirm the Linux network bridge routes file data directly from the server to the endpoint when configured as described above?

Data from the Roon Server goes directly to the endpoint, the control is just that…control only, no data passes via the control point.

Thanks for the response, but I’d still like to pose the question to someone knowledgeable about Linux internals. My question doesn’t imply anything about the control point, but only adds it for completeness about the configuration. The heart of the question is whether or not the data travels directly from the server SSD to the endpoint through the bridge, or out to the router and back (again via the bridge). My assumption is that it is direct, but I want a definitive statement based on specific knowledge of the Linux network bridge.

Let’s flag to @support then

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Hello @anon20084133,

As long as the dCS Network Bridge is connected to the Roon Server via a direct ethernet connection and is on a separate subnet from the rest of the network, the Roon Server will send the traffic directly to the dCS Network Bridge via the direct ethernet interface.



I took the defaults in nm-connection-editor in Ubuntu when creating the bridge. I thought the bridge on the server machine alone would ensure direct routing. Is this specific to RAAT? How easy is it to create a separate subnet with nm-connection-editor?