Roon server basics on QNAP [Answered]

I have been using the roon core on my Macbook Air. I recently installed the Roon Server on my QNAP. Since the roon server is “headless” how do I know that that roon server software is properly configured?



Install Roon on your MacBook Air and run it in remote mode pointing it at the Roon Server (Core) running on your QNAP.

Or use Roon’s tablet application for iPad or Android.

Have a read of [FAQ: How do I move my library over to RoonServer? How do I run headless?]
( for more details.

When your core is running on your QNAP. You should be able to connect remotely to it with your Roon software on the Mac/PC.
Roon Server will also not launch if it can’t find a “RoonServer” shared folder or an external disk labeled “RoonServer”.
You can verify this in the QNAP App Center: In the tab “My Apps” the “Roon Server” icon will be grayed out a bit if it is not launched…

To verify what your current Roon Core is, you can open the settings in Roon and click on “About” in the upper right corner.

The configuration of Roon Server on your QNAP has to be done by a Mac/PC/iOS/Android device. See Carl’s link above…

One addition: As your MacBook Air was your core before, make sure to quit Roon and to move the “Roon” folder out of your user’s library folder. You can move it to your desktop or somewhere else. If you are sure you won’t need it anymore and won’t revert back, you can also delete it.
Otherwise the MacBook will continue to start the core on this machine as well. It is also explained in Carl’s link, but I think the article is not very precise in this point. :wink:
You can enter your user’s library folder by clicking on “Go to” in the finder menubar while holding the alt key and select Library.

works great!



Quick Question - I have 2 drives in the QNAP + an SSD from my Mac Mini. Can I add the SSD (via USB ) and run core from it or do I need to install it on one of the drives in the bays?


You can plug a USB drive in to one of the USB ports and it will be seen as an external device, then follow the instructions to set it up.

You will of course have to sacrifice whatever is on the ssd to use it as a database location for roon…in case that isn’t clear anywhere.


Currently the Mac Mini is connected to my Hegel H160 thu USB. When I move Roon Core over to the NAS will I need a Roon End point between the Hegel and NAS or can I plug it in directly?