ROON Server change to new conmputer on same network

I’m trying to set up a new computer to be my new ROON server.

The first thing I’m trying to do is download ROON server on the new computer.

The ROON down load page will not let me DL “Windows 64 bit core”. The button will not “highlight” and allow clicking.

I’m guessing that I cant have two ROON servers going simultaneously.

Is this right?

OK. I am signed in according to my email in the upper right of the page.

ROON Remote wont highlight either.

You click the text to download…not the icon. You can run 2 Roon Server / core just activate which ever one you want. Suggest you back up the first one and restore to the new one if you have made library changes etc…it start fresh also no problem.

I have have the ROON server logo on desktop but wont open.

Heres what I see when I look at File Location:


I cant open the ROON Server on the computer I’m trying to migrate from. I have a ROON Back Up… btw

Last post might be confusing. I down loaded ROON server on a new computer but cant get it to open.

I also cant get ROON Server to open on an old computer.

Both are LAN lined to a NAS where the music and the ROON back up are located.

Roon Server opens as an icon only and you access it from a Roon installation as a remote

i dont undersatand


Roon Server, i.e. not the full Roon software package but just the Server, doesn’t have a GUI. You need to interface with it from either Roon Remote installed on a tablet (or, less preferably, a phone) or from a Roon package installed on another PC or Mac.

So, although you think Roon Server isn’t running, it’s running in the background.

It looks like you have it installed on Windows, so if you click on the hidden icons icon (this icon ^) in the lower right of the taskbar, you will see the Roon jellyfish icon.

Maybe you don’t want Server. Maybe you want the complete Roon package, which contains Server (or in this case it’s called Core), Output, and Control. If that’s true then just install that, don’t install Server also.

@wizardofoz - Yes, yes, I know one can run both, but let’s not confuse the OP any further.:slightly_smiling_face:

I puzzled a bit over what you wrote here, and then I realised that you thought that the Control, Core, and Output icons were download buttons on the software download page. They are not. They are merely saying what components are in the software package. So Roon (which comes in Windows 64 and 32 bits, and Mac OS X flavors), has all three components, while Roon Server only has two (Core and Output). See this page for more background.

OK guys thanks. I DLed the “ROON” w Control and deleted the last DL and am working on some house keeping for now.

I am backing up my music file.10 hours to go. And then .Ii’ll start tinkering with my ROON Back Up from the older computer which is on the NAS.

I tried to restore back up and it seems to me that ROON wants to attach music files first.

it is adding albums at a very slow rate. Looks like about 5 albums per minute… this could take weeks.

I was hoping back up would provide all the meta data but not sure what it is backing up if all the music files are going to load like this.

Am I doing something wrong here?

I think it’s better that the Support team get involved directly to help you with this. I’ve moved your posts into the Support category of the forum, and flagged the team with this: @support. Someone should be along shortly to give you some assistance.

Hi @Ogie,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue and thank you Geoff for flagging us down here!

It is always best to let the files settle down first when copying/transferring and then have Roon scan them. Letting the files settle down fist will also ensure that any edits you have made to your previous database remain intact and that Roon does not see two copies of the same files at the same time.

This is because if Roon were to see the second duplicate while it copying, it would classify one of the duplicates as a “new” file and it would not have all the edits/manual metadata necessarily associated with the file.

Ok, so on to the main issue at hand. You are reporting that Roon is adding about 5 albums per minute, can you let me know how large these albums are and where they are stored? Are the music files on a NAS or do you have them on local storage (attached USB hard drive)?

What does it say in the activity spinner when you open it up, the activity spinner is in the top right-hand corner and looks like this:

Can you post a screenshot of your activity spinner? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to our community website.

We also have a Migrating Cores Guide which can be found at this link which outline the procedure of switching cores. Please let me know the above information and if the migration guide helps here.


“It is always best to let the files settle down first when copying/transferring and then have Roon scan them. Letting the files settle down fist will also ensure that any edits you have made to your previous database remain intact and that Roon does not see two copies of the same files at the same time.”

I dont know what you mean by the term settle down. I also dont know what files your talking about. I think of files two ways. The Music files and the Back up files. i’m noyt sure hwat the back up files are but I think its playlist and etc… But it sure seems like a big file for just that.

Anyway… previous database (again I dont know if your talking about the music files on the NAS or the ROON BU files on the last computer… either way, I havent used that computer in over a month… so no changes have been made in a while in either case.

The ROON on the new computer is Loading the music files off the NAS at a much faster rate now and halfway through. I’m thinking about 50 or so albums a minute now. It looks like all the album art at least is looking good.

The Back Up file I dont th.yink loaded but not sure. I thought I would let the music files get loaded and then check to see what happened w the Back Up…

BTW…, what is on the BU files?

How should I handle getting rid of the ROON on my old computer. I think I mentioned that I havent used it in a month… its more like 3 or 4 months. So Im sure it was the older version. The NAS was also turned off during that period.

Shoulkd I just delete it? Or should I wait until the BU has successfully migrated to the new machine?

Hi @Ogie,

I am referring to the music files transfer. Once the files have been transferred, only then would I start Roon and let it analyze the new locations. If the files are on the NAS and are not being psychically copied anywhere else, then the migration part of the music library has taken place.

This is a good sign, importing 50 albums a minute seems closer to the expected speed to me. I would wait for the import to complete fully before making any other changes to your library.

The backup files contains your edits, playlists, favorites, play history, login information, settings, ect.

I would wait until the new core finishes importing the new media files before getting rid of the old database. If you are not using Roon as a Core on the old PC you don’t need to take further action. On the old PC you can connect as a Roon Remote to the new Core by going to Settings -> General -> Disconnect (to stop using the old PC as a Core) and then select the new primary Core from the “Choose your Core” screen. Once configured in this way, the old PC will just act as a Roon Remote and access the database of the new PC.

Please let me know how it goes after the import has completed.


OK. It looks like the import is completed. Now what?

Start using? Restart computer? Tinker with the Back Up File?

Log into Tidal? Select and Audio Zone?

Yes, yes and yes.:slightly_smiling_face:

BTW - pretty sure @noris meant ‘physically’. Modern OSs can do many things, but the psychic realm has yet to be breached.:laughing:

Ho @Ogie,

Yes, reboot your core and start using Roon, you should be good to go at this point :+1:. There is no need to tinker with the backup file at all, and I would advise against tinkering with database/backup files to avoid any possible issues in the future. And yes, @xxx, I did not mean “physically” but meant when the transfer has completed :slight_smile:


All albums showed up in new computer ROON 10 hours later…

It found the Living Room UltrRendu and my Iphone fuctioned as a Remote.

I signed into Tidal and everything looked perfect.

I then restored from back up which took about 30 minutes and relaunched as instructed…

Now I’m back 0 albums, 0 tracks, etc… And it says I haven’t added my music yet.