ROON Server change to new conmputer on same network

Hi @Ogie,

Apologies, I think there has been some confusion here. Restoring from a backup overwrites the current database with any information that you had at the time of backup, including the storage path location of the media files. Let me try to clarify what you did and where you currently are:

  • You have restored the backup you made from the previous Core

  • Your music files all reside on the NAS, with none of your library located on the new Core’s Hard Drive

  • If the NAS was properly set up on the old core, the storage location should have been automatically added to Roon along with Roon having the proper storage location of all of the files on the NAS

  • Since it appears that the NAS is not automatically added as a storage location, you will need to point Roon to the files on the NAS in Roon Settings -> Storage. More information on how to add your NAS can be found here" (

  • Once Roon is pointed to the NAS it should identify the files and start adding them to the library along with any edits you have made in the previous database

Letting the import run it’s course with the backup already restored will bring your edits and Roon playlists back to the way they were on the previous Core. All of this information is present in our Migration guide ( which I linked above as well. I hope this clears things up a bit.


Did as instructed and all looking good in a few seconds.

I was thinking I wasn’t going to have a long Friday night of listening.


Spent some time with ROON last night and had a great time listening and exploring music.

The bad news… I am missing an enormous amount of album art which was present in the former set up. I’m hoping over time it will fill in? One of my favorite things about ROON was the meta data management and how it filled in the blanks.

Hi @Ogie,

Glad to hear that the import completed successfully! As for the album art, how exactly is it missing?
Is it actually missing or has it just changed? We have made some updates to our image listings and there are new covers available that should be automatically downloaded. If you can provide some examples by using screenshots that would be helpful in identifying how they changed.


Hold on. I’m having a wrestling match with the Synology NAS and Windows 10.

The mapping is unstable.

Sorry to change the subject but I have to get this locked down fist. Any advice on making a Windows PC and Synology NAS a stable ROON platform? Where everytime one the power cycles on and off for whatever reason, I dont have to re-map the network?

The CORE is mostly dedicated for ROON, so, I can do whatever to make ROON Core friendly.

Hi @Ogie,

I would suggest that you look into address reservation on your router and assign both the Synology and Windows machine a reserved IP address. That way, the IP will remain the same across reboots.


Doesn’t the Music File itself get an IP address?

Hi @Ogie,

You likely have your router configured to assign the first available IP address to the Synology and the Windows machine and these IP addresses are on what is called DHCP leases, meaning that they can expire after the DHCP lease runs out (typically 24-48hrs) and then the router will assign your Synology or Windows machine a new IP. Sometimes the IP will be the same if no other device is using it, but sometimes it can change if one of your other devices were to be given the IP address that the Synology or Windows machine was using before.

My suggestion here is that you tell the router: “I always want the Synology to have 192.168.1.XXX IP address” by setting up an address reservation. The same should happen for your Windows machine. This change will ensure that the router always provides these devices the same IP address and should stabilize the mapping a bit.

The music files themselves do not get IP addresses, this is just for the devices that communicate on the network (e.g. Core, Endpoints, Roon Remotes, ect.). Hope this clears up things a bit.


I took you advice and everything seems to be stable.

Q: WHats up with the white screen? I am leaving ROON and Core computer on 24/7.
I will minimize ROON screen and when I expand , sometimes and seems like always the last couple of days… I get a blank white screen w the ROON logo and ROON in small letters in the upper right hand corner.

I also get this when I use my laptop as a remote. I would have to close and open everytime to get the right screen (not the white blank one). I always thogut it was because I use the laptop w two screens and when I disconnect from the second screen and use remotely away from its docking staion it was acting if the other screen was still connected.

Anyway… I see this same problem w the CORE computer now.

Regarding album and artists art. I think its better but I am only looking at ROON through an Iphone as a remote these days (as opposed to the CORE w a 22" screen). So, I’m not sure.

Hi @Ogie,

Glad to hear that since setting address reservation to the Core and Roon remotes that everything is stable!

The white screen that you see is often caused by outdated Intel display drivers, I would double check the manufacturer of your graphics card and also the manufacturer of the PC itself to see which one has the newest drivers (they sometimes have different version posted). I have also heard that using ALT + TAB to get back into Roon also mitigates this display issue.

For the album art, it should be the same across the Roon Remotes and the Core, so if your Roon Remotes are displaying the correct artwork, the Core should be mirroring this behavior.

Hope this helps!


Updated the Intel graphics drivers on both computers and all seems to work well for now… great advice- Thanks

As far as album and artists art… below are some screen shots. Before my migration I had a few blanks but nothing like I have now.

Hi @Ogie,

Glad to hear that updating the Intel drivers resolved the white screen issue!

As for the screenshots you posted regarding the artists, I see quite a few artists names that are not valid here, for example “Bob Dylan-Bootlegs” or “Mike Scott Bluegrass”.

I would edit these artists to refer to the correct artist name, for example if you use a PC and right click on “Bob Dylan-Bootlegs” and press the Edit button that appears at the top, I would change the name just to “Bob Dylan”. Then these two artists should be merged and you should be seeing just that one artist photo.

I have looked up a few of the artists you mentioned here on my end and it appears that we do not have artist pictures for them, these by default will be displayed with that gray artwork since the artwork is not available in our database.

Have you previously manually added cover art to these artists from your PC or have they always been using the Roon-supplied artwork? If they have been manually added and only disappeared later on it would be interesting to know.


The white screen is not fixed, but I understand when it happens now.

When I first open ROON on my core it opens in all its glory. But if I minimize it and then maximize, it returns as a white screen. Then I have to close it and open it again.

The same scenario when I try to use my laptop as a controller.

Back to the artists pics. Is this completely controlled by ROON? Meaning there is no metada on my end that provides this? I have never added any artwork on my end once I started using ROON… but my metadata was very accurate going in.

Anyway… it sure seems like a whole lot more are missing than on the last computer I was using last year. I understand your comments about some of my artists as not valid… which is perfectly understandable but I have a lot that would seem to be part of your data base.

By the way… this window is completely confusing. I just spent 10 minutes wrestling an image… and never succeeded.

are these images complied via group source type of thing?

Also… artists wout image should have aone lcick option to input a picture… not three clicks.

I just cant believe nobody has put in Lenny Breau among many other artists that show up blank.

I’m a little confused how this all works. My previous Itunes library was perfect. .

Hi @Ogie,

Thanks for confirming the exact error state regarding the white screen.

We have seen this issue before as mentioned in this thread (Windows 10 : Blank (white screen) after maximising) but the end result was that this issue is due to the display drivers and there is a display issue when maximizing Roon again after it has been minimized.

A few possible workarounds that I’ve seen is to either try using the 32-bit version of Roon (instead of the 64-bit) or to use keyboard shortcuts (alt+tab) to open the app instead of the maximize button. If you do decide to give the 32-bit version a try, I would suggest Backup Up your Roon library before making the switch.

As for the artist pictures – you can manually add an artist image by clicking the “Add Image” button underneath Edit and pointing Roon to the image. The current set of images are the ones we have from our metadata providers, and unfortunately it seems like Lenny Breau does not have an image on my end either.

The good news here though, is that Roon is always getting new updates on a daily basis and the artists images will automatically update as they become available. I can’t comment on when exactly your specific artist images will be added, but we are always working on improving the product especially in this area.

Please let me know if my above suggestions regarding the white screen issue helps!


Thanks Norris… I’ll try the shortcuts.

You owe it to yourself to listen to Lenny. One of my all time favorite guitarists.

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