Roon server connection fails

I have had an issue where Roon will allow me to connect one day and then for weeks it will not all anything to connect.

It see’s the server but does not connect. Then there are times where the ip address it is trying to find is incorrect. It just keeps trying and failing.

Core is NUCi7 with 64gb of ram, windows 10 internal m.2 source and m.2 4tb storage drive. It is headless. I connect through teamviewer when needed.

HI Paul,

Fellow user here. Your description confused me a bit. If your Core is a Windows 10 NUC, then what are the remotes trying to connect to it?

If the above is a mobile device, try instead of the actual IP address. (again for Android or Mac iOS devices not another PC).

I use my server as the primary playback device. I control it via surface pro7 or iphone

So, your surface and iphone are the devices which cannot connect to the Roon Core. Try my suggestion for the iPhone and see if it works.

Correct. I can connect to the server via TeamViewer and control it that way but not through roon app. It has worked with no problems prior to the last few updates.

now this is all I get

Describe your network

Right, and if you get that screen with the iOS device, click the blue help and enter

Other things to verify, turn off all ipv6 on the windows machines, verify that all devices are on the same network subnet.

Only network device is netgear mr5100. The nuc is hardwired.

Have done this. The system has been running for months as setup. The only change has been update.

I’ll do research on the ipv6…i don’t see how to disable it. Though no settings changed on the router. Thank you

The changes I’m suggesting is in Windows, under the properties for the Network Adapter, you would uncheck the check box. Nothing to do with your Router. You would just disable it for both the Server and the Surface.

network adap

OK…will try. Thank you

Looks like it needs ipv6 for mobile routing

So I just bit the bullet and did a FULL system install from scratch.

Hey @paul_adams1,

It appears from what you’ve described and the photo that you’ve posted that you’re tinkering with a mobile Roon solution for your vehicle.

We’re totally cool with our subscribers experimenting with Roon in order to achieve use scenarios that are outside its normal functionality. These efforts are best posted in this section so Support and Moderators are aware that what you’re attempting is outside of supported use.

I’m also happy to say that Roon is working on a mobile solution that will provide the capabilty that you’re exploring. Please stay tuned for more details.

:slight_smile: It’s plays well on the mobile side as well as the home.

I’m happy to hear that you’ve been successful with your efforts @paul_adams1! :+1:t2:

So update…fresh install and roon will not allow me to open settings. It crashes even from the remote connection. Any ideas? I can’t do debugging unless there is another way into the settings panel.

Read all about the issue in the issue thread:

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Hi @paul_adams1,

Thank you for letting us know. This is a rare known issue we’ve recently identified and the team is diligently pursuing a permanent solution. If you take a look at the post @BlackJack linked above, the team has listed out a workaround for accessing Settings via the “Manage Profiles” tab on your Remote devices in the meantime.

We’ll be reporting updates in the other thread, so I’d encourage you to stay tuned there in the meantime.