Roon Server control

If I understand the instructions correctly, the RoonServer app is installed in a folder called RoonServer and then can be configured from Roon 1.1 running in remote mode from either the same or a different computer.

When the iPad app is released, can it be used to configure Roon Server and is there any need to install the full app anywhere?

Is this different for a Mac? My applications folder still shows just a single Roon app.

Scratch that, should have read a couple more posts.

Yup, that’s correct. If you are just starting out with Roon and want to use RoonServer, you can just install it straight away.

Then, to configure Roon or pick music to play, you’ll need to install Roon and connect to RoonServer.

This can be done from the same Mac or PC, a different Mac or PC, or a supported tablet (Android for now, iOS as soon as Apple lets us :wink: ).

Let me know if that’s clear @Cliff. Thanks!

Thanks - once the iPad app is out it will be tablet controlled Roon server for me

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