Roon Server crashes upon initial library folder scan

I just migrated my Roon server to a new Mac mini a few days ago. The Mac is only used as a Roon server. Roon server keeps crashing, after some research I found it crashes during the library folder scan after about 60.000 files. This basically means Roon is not usable.

Roon Core: 1.8 (build 831) on Mac mini (M1, 2020) - 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD
Library on Synology NAS, using Qobuz, 107000 tracks in total

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have downgraded the Mac mini to MacOS Big Sur and now it all works fine. The NAS is mounted as //System/Volume and no issues. This seems a clear problem with Roon on MacOS Monterey. Please pick this up in a fix of the next release.