Roon Server data on a SD card


I use a QNAP TS-453B, running Roon and have a SSD hard drive attached (USB) to house the Roon Server data, as adviced. Works great - even with only 4GB RAM. As my NAS also has a SDXC card reader, I wonder if I could use such a card instead of the SSD. If this could work, how big should such a SD card be?

Thanks for suggestions!

Even if you could, I would never suggest doing it. I think you would actually have a performance hit, but, more importantly, the SD cards are not designed to prevent/protect from data corruption like SSDs.

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Sorry I’m late and thanks for the reply. It wouldn’t be about performance. It’s just an idea I had to get rid of another thing that propably could be replaced by something simpler. But I haven’t thought about data corruption though, I guess that’s a good point. Well, I’ll dig a bit into that and propably it’s not a bad idea after all. Strange thing with QNAP is that I can’t find out the size of the Roon Server folder…