Roon Server Database for Windows - is it possible to put this on drive other than C:? [Answered - No it cannot]

Have a Windows based server with 8TB of music storage and the Roon Database is getting so large the C: drive is filled up… Is it possible to have the Roon Database stored on a drive other than C: ?

Or am I forced to get a larger C: drive?


I don’t know of a way to do it within settings, but you can create a directory link to your alternate drive while Roon still calls the underlying C: directory

it’s like

`mklink /d c:\blah\roonorig d:\roonnew`

I would get a larger C drive.

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maybe make sure your Roon Backups are also not going to the same boot drive. or manage the number of backup versions.

Hi @CAD, Roon cannot be installed on any drive except for the C: drive. Apologies for the inconvenience!