Roon Server does not start automatically after NAS reboot

I have NAS Synology DS918 +. Roon works perfectly. Now the NAS is turned off during the night. After restarting Roon is no longer available.
I have to restart the roon ab manual in the “parcel center”. Is there a possibility that the Roon server starts automatically?

Greetings Markus

Normally it should start automatically. I have seen cases, where external disks are not fully mounted, when RoonServer starts. Especially on disks with exfat filesystems this seems to occur more likely.
Does that also apply to your setup?

I have an external SSD connected. This is formatted in ext4 format.

Would you mind testing a new version, which might solve this issue?

I just added a check if the database location directory is available. If not, it waits 5 seconds and checks again (It does this 5 times before giving up).

It continues to be a problem. Need to start the server manually after each reboot/startup…

Hi @RoonFan999,
I’m not sure if you meant to post in this topic or not, but in order for you to get the best advice could you add some more details to the issue you are having.

If it’s not related to this topic, then is best to start a new topic on in the support section of forum.

The thread is correct. I have Roon Server installed on Synology NAS (RS3617xs). It would not start automatically after NAS restart/startup, so I have to do it manually in the DS “Package Center”. Otherwise it works great.

I am trying for some time to replicate this behaviour, but I was unable to do so.
Can you specify how your external disk is formatted? (exFat, ext4, …?)

It’s NTFS.

Formatted disk to ext4, reinstalled Roon Server - the issue is not fixed…

Hi, I have the same issue here and the same set up like Markus. Roon Server on a Synology with USB-C connected ssd formatted to Synology file system. To save energy I have a boot schedule to shutdown the NAS each night. Not a good Idea if I have restart the server each day manually. Everything else runs smoothly.