Roon Server does not start up [Answered Roon Required for GUI]

I just installed Roon server windows 64, 8G ram, i7. But the Roon can not be open.
see attachments please.
Can you help me to solve this problem, please?
I signed up for 14 days free trial.


Hi Peter
Roonserver runs in the background and does not have a GUI, if you are using your pc as your only Roon device try removing it and downloading Roon Windows 64bit, or if you have an iPad or android tablet leave Roon Server installed on the pc and download the free Roon app and you should be able to connect to the Roon Server on the pc.


Yes, I did. Still the same.

it is Roon win64

This one Windows download.

ok. i try again.

yes. it’s done. thank you.

Do you have any security software installed that could prevent it from running?

no. it looks alright. but i can’t see my OPPO105D.

So I assume you now have Roon running? Check the Oppo is on and not in standby and also is the Oppo running the latest fw, go into the osd settings and check for update.

all good now. thanks!

Thanks for the update.