Roon server for AArch64 Linux

I have decent spec’d AArch64 server on Oracle Cloud with a leftover space and performance and I would like to use it as Roon server (with the help of Wireguard to make connections) but sadly there is no Roon server for AArch64 Linux! It is already available for AArch64 macOS so surely AArch64 Linux shouldn’t be that hard. Please consider this.

The core needs to be on the same subnet as the audio devices and remotes though.

That’s where Wireguard comes in. I have set it up so that it can have same subnet just by connecting.

I actually have a AArch64 server at home, that I use for a lot of stuff (it is basically the house’s braion). Preferably I run everything in a container. A Roon version for AArch64 Linux would be indeed very useful. Is this forthcoming?

“Is this forthcoming?”

No it’s not. This is just a request for such a build.