Roon server has disappeared

Roon Server Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet hookup of Nucleus to dCS Bartok, Ethernet light on Nucleus flashing, have 1Gig speed.

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Bartok

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

iPad on IOS, suddenly cannot find the Nucleus server. Rebooted the iPad, nucleus, 8switch still nothing.

Bartok working well playing streamed music through its Mosaic app,

Can you access the status page of the Roon server?

@Robert_Coppersmith - you mentioned that you had rebooted the 8switch - have you also rebooted your router (where your DHCP server probably lives)?

And as @Stefan_Mauron suggests, can you access the Web Administration interface?

If none of the above helps, can you attach a monitor or TV to the HDMI output on the Nucleus and post a photo of any messages you see? Thanks.

Hey Geoff, yes rebooted the eero. No help. The message I’m getting on the iPad is cannot find Roon Server. It’s constantly looking to no avail. Have HDMI cable but nothing to plug it in to. Have no idea how to get to the web iOS server they show.


So, does the Eero have an administration web page that will show you all the active devices on your network and their IP addresses? Is there an entry for the Nucleus?

Yes. The eero says it’s not connected.

I can get it to show as connected on the eero by cycling the Nucleus on off button. But it does not stay connected for long.

Don’t know where a status page would be. See below conversation with Geoff.

You folks give up on my issue? If this thing is done, don’t suppose anyone fixes them. Maybe just replace it with an Apple Mini for less $.

I understand there should be a small white light above the Nucleus on/off button. That does not come on any longer.

The Support team of Roon Labs is four people, and they operate a queue system. They will respond once your issue reaches the head of their queue.

In the meantime, other community members (like me) can chime in with suggestions.

So possibly the external power supply is broken (or fuse has tripped) or the mainboard has failed (potential over voltage spike / surge?). You may need to contact the dealer for replacement/repair.

Thanks BlackJack… power supplies are okay, have two. The original and a solid state. Guess it needs a main board. Will use a MBpro to run the core program in the meantime. I’ve written to Roon about repairs and haven’t had a reply as yet. The dealer is a great suggestion, it was an online purchase from a headphone specialist.
Best and thanks.

Thanks Geoff, all good advise.

Thanks Geoff, that’s good info, I never knew just how many was on the support team. This helps me appreciate ticket volume, issues and the number of people looking into all this.

Hey @Robert_Coppersmith,

Thanks for writing in about your issue.

Any monitor that accepts an HDMI connection should work - this step is immensely helpful in troubleshooting any potential hardware issues associated with your Nucleus. Please let me know if you end up being able to get a monitor connected to the device.

To confirm, you haven’t yet attempted to access the webUI of your Nucleus? Here’s more info on how to access it:

The Web Interface can also be accessed by:

  1. Typing in the IP Address of the RoonOS Device in a Web Browser

  2. Typing the hostname, for example, http://nucleus

  3. Typing the .local suffix for the device, for examplehttp://nucleus.local

Let me know, thanks! :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

The Nucleus will not connect to the net. My eero can see where it was but it is not connecting. If I cycle the on/off switch it will connect briefly and then fall off again.

I can’t get to the webUI if it will not connect to the internet.

Do you still want me to try for the HDMI connection?


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Also… I moved the server to my MacBook Pro and it’s running there. However, the art work, album covers from Qobuz an Tidal did not load, just the titles. How do I get them to load?
Bob Coppersmith