Roon Server Headless Setup

I am in the process of evaluating Roon in head less setup. The one issue that I have run into is how to autostart the service after the reboot. I selected the start option on Roon Server but I believe I still have to logon with that account to start it. Is it possible to have Roonserver start up as a service by default with out going to the “nism” option on Win10 system?

You need to logon with a user account if you’re using Roon Server. The ‘Launch at startup’ option will start the server automatically once logged in.

The best thing is to have an auto-logon set up.

(edited to correct a misconception, and provide accurate information)

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I have the Launch @ startup selected but still unable to connect with Roon Remote running on a second PC. The only way that it seems to work is if I manually start it up, which to me defeats the purpose of having a headless server. I really want to minimize resource utilization. I will see if I can setup the Roonserver on Linux system which does run as a service.

Geoff, @support,

Windows 10 Enterprise connected to a domain is where I am running Roon Core. The system is also using HQPlayer streaming to NAA running on a small Win10 system. HQPlayer works correctly streaming to NAA. I am just trying to get Roon to work correctly before I try to integrate with HQPlayer. The ultimate goal is to use Roon Core and HQPlayer on their own dedicated system so I can avoid contention.

The DAC in question is Lampizator L4 Gen5.

Please let me know what additional information is needed.

Latest version of Rooncore/Server (downloaded Thursday or Friday night) running under Win10 x64
Hardware: Lenovo TS140, with SSD for OS drive and 2nd 4TB storage for Music. Music is stored locally on the server on a separate drive.
Collection size is about 1800 albums (~20k tracks)

Did you setup Auto Login for your Windows Account? Roon will not start until a user is logged in.

Just run netplwiz to setup auto logon. (someone above also noted auto logon)

Does that mean that “Launch at Startup” requires a users to logon? If that is required I guess I will work on getting auto logon setup.

Let’s see what support has to say on why it is not starting up for me. Maybe something in my setup is prevent Roon from starting and the logs might show that.

Unfortunately, that is not true. You must login. All we do is set a registry key in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run when you check off that item.

HKCU == Current User – so you must be logged in. This fixes access to devices, as well as permissions for shares and filesystems. We chose this method because it is the least likely to run into other more esoteric issues.

So why is it that on my Intel NUC, I never have to login when the NUC is restarted?

Edit (24 hours later): Turns out that I have a habit of checking that the NUC is up and running by logging in remotely before I would be using Roon, so Danny & Dan are right.

I’ve just updated the user guide to get rid of my misconception…

Auto-login? Or maybe you are using another mechanism to start Roon? Without seeing your system, I can’t say exactly.

However, I just double-checked the code (I wrote it in the first place!) and the only thing that menu item does is set/unset that HKCU registry key (on Windows). HKCU doesn’t get accessed by anything unless you have a “current user”, which requires logging in.

Hi @shadowlight ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. We appreciate you providing some details about your current setup. This information is always very useful when we are evaluating any issues.

Moving forward, I am in need of some clarification as I would like to make sure that I am conceptualizing the issue correctly as well as understanding which devices are being used for what in your setup.

Running RoonServer:

  • Lenovo TS140 Win10 (x64)
  • Music stored locally (separate drive - ~20K tracks)

Roon Remote - Win10 Machine:

  • Running HQPlayer (can stream properly).

Goal / Issue

  • Get RoonServer to autostart after the system has been re-booted without having to log back into your Roon account. Correct?

  • Currently, you have “Launch @ Startup” engaged on the machine running RoonServer but the secondary Win10 acting as remote still can not locate the server unless you manually launch. Correct?

Furthermore, can you give me some more details about the second Win10 PC running HQPlayer, also a brief description of your network configuration and topology would be great.



All of my computers are hard wired using gig switches. The RoonServer/HQPlayer and Roon Remote system is hooked up to a HP 24Gig port switch, while the NAA is hooked to to a small 8port Trend gig switch.

RoonServer and HQPlayer currently share the same physical system which is Lenovo TS140 Win10 (x64) and the Lampizator DAC is attached to the system.

Roon Remote is a separate Win10 Machine - HP Elite Desk 600 G1 mini (i5, win10 x64)

HQPlayer NAA is another Win10 system running NAA portion.

Goal/Issues - Answer to both your question is correct.

Hi @shadowlight ------ Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, the feedback is appreciated. I met with some of my team members yesterday to discuss your goals here and I would like to verify some of the information that has already been provided.

As mentioned above, when running your Core on Windows you must be logged in to Windows for your Core to function properly. For example if my Core runs on “computer A” and I wanted to control it from “computer B”, my Windows user account on “computer A” needs to be logged in. If you want Roon to run every time you start up, you’ll need to setup Windows to log in automatically, as per the link above.


Thx for the information.


thank you for these instructions. Followed them, and it works like a charm.

Having said that I have to point out that THIS IS A SECURITY NIGHTMARE.

Come on, there must be another way than have an open admin account on a machine that is used by serveral people (home server).

Are there any suggestions for setting up an account with rights restricted to use and management of roon?

Any input is really appreciated.