Roon Server Install on External SSD

I want to install ‘Roon Sever’ on the external SSD drive.

QNAP TS-470 Pro running firmware Build 20180215.
External SSD connected to USB 3 port and formatted with the label ‘RoonServer’,
Shared Folder ‘RoonServer’ has admin as read/write permission.

Login as admin to QNAP.
Go to App Center -> Entertainment -> ‘Roon Server 2017-10-03’
Click on ‘Install’, the ‘Installation location:’ presented only contain internal volumes. The SSD share is missing.

Did I miss anything?

The RoonServer shared folder is used for the database. This is also the part that should be stored on an SSD to speed up the overall performance. The app itself will always be stored on an internal volume due to restrictions (or the design) of the the app store.

If you have created the shared folder or renamed an external USB device (as you mentioned), this will automatically picked up as a storage location for Roon’s database.

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Thank you very much!!

I had that setup on my Qnap TS-451. I changed to internal HDDs which gave me way more satisfaction and response time on my IPad. So it seems the internal bus is way faster (even the HDDs are 8TB “normal” SATA).

Just my experience.

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