Roon Server Installation on Synology failed

Dear Support
Several times I have tried to install “Roon Server” on my NAS Synology without any success!!!
I’m very disappointed that this installation is technically still so difficult: Problems with Network, Internet Connection and much more. Maybe “spk file” which I could download correctly isn’t correct.
The error message I always get: " /tmp//Could not download installation archive from Roon Labs website. Please check your internet connection". I couldn’t figure out where the problem is.
I have downloaded the latest Synology’s firmware, set all correct access regarding internet, NAS, etc. There aren’t any restrictions or firewalls and the File “Roon Server” is in place!!!
The Roon App is working perfectly on my Mac although I couldn’t still connect NAS with it…
So, I would really appreciate if you could improve this process or at least give more precise advice to customer what to do. Just to say “Please check your internet connection” isn’t sufficient!!! My internet connection is perfect and works with a lot other devices too!!!
Best regards

Hi @Hanspeter_Dettwiler,

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Can you please share a screenshot of the full error message?

What do you Synology Network settings look like? Can you please share a screenshot? Which DNS servers are you using, is it Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS?

Hi @Hanspeter_Dettwiler,
i am sorry for the trouble with the installation.
I just released an update for Synology, which should improve the error message during installation and installation routine. You can download it on
Could you please try, if the issue persists with this version?

If this did not solve the issue:
During installation the installer tries to download the linux files for Roon Server from the Roon Labs website. If this still causes issues, there is an option to provide these files manually with version 2020-12-15:
Download Roon Server for Linux manually on your desktop computer and copy the file to the “public” share of your Diskstation (if it does not exist, create the “public” share (all lowercase!). Then perform the installation in the Synology Package Center again. Please make sure not to rename the downloaded file.

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Now, it works finally after some changes with the router configuration!
But now: Roon Core (Synology NAS) is ready (is confirmed by the Roon Remote itself!!!) either on my iPhone and on my .Mac Pro Computer.
But on both I’m not able to access -> error message: network error: please check your internet connection.
I‘m sorry but this is really not a consumer friendly advice. The message had to specified more!!!
And somewhere there is a notice that we should check the settings with the Roon App at the top left but there is only a tap „preference“ and so on… It’s amazing that the less sophisticated app “Bluesound” is working perfectly with the same configuration!!!
So just to know: internet connection is ok, there are no restrictions as firewalls etc. and the password is correct. Only the first of the three steps (1. account, 2. music, Audio) can be reached before the error message appears.

It is very very unfortunate that the system does not run more reliably!!! According to the forums, I am not the only user with the Internet problem!
Thank you very much + already a happy new year
Hanspeter Dettwiler

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